Thursday, 17 September 2015

Warlord Titan has his trousers on.

Hi all. 
Here are my Work in Progress shots of Bone Garland's fancy pants. 

Up to date:
His front shin pants have had one layer of Brass. 

I have also worked on the knee pads:

I had to put lots of mini squares on to one knee to make chequers:

Standard masking tape which I tap on my trousers to make it less adhesive before tacking on. 

Note the chequers are the first time I have ever done them and from start to final result it took 1hr and 10mins. No excuses guys, it wasn't that difficult :)

How I painted. 

I did these by painting them Gal Vorbak red:

Then airbrushed Word Bearer red in a Zenithal natural shading method (brighter at top where light will hit it). 

A nice coat of Angron red which is a clear paint. 

Using hot breath and a scalpel I removed the masking tape. Note I have got some under paint rusting on the below pad (not mistakes)

Then did the brass trim. 

Where it is currently up to:

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Drake Seta


  1. Awesome Drake! Loving the progress and very interested in the Brass, what make is it? Looks like it has great smooth coverage.

    1. Ah, seen previous post... doh. Vallejo Brass. Thanks! Is it brushed on, or masked and airbrushed?

    2. Painted on with thin layers :)

      Masking would be good but tedious.

  2. Splendid. Great seeing this all come together. Good idea with the masking tape, will have to give it a try rather than going through not quite as cheap Tamiya tape.

    Does the Angron red have a gloss or a matt finish?

    1. Angron red is a clear and yes it be glossy.

  3. Those pants do indeed look fancy! Nice work, loving the red

  4. So cool Drake! Thanks for taking the massive amount of extra time to document this build!

    1. No problem Greg. Hoping to get some done tonight too.