Saturday 19 September 2015

Zone of Death hint. Drake Speculates.

Hi all

Welcome to another instalment of Drake's wild speculation ride. . . 

Hints for the Following Week
A storm is brewing - Plus tank, aliens and a zone of Death!

So. That is what I am now going to take and talk about. Next White Dwarf not today's but the 26th's White Dwarf has this written at the end. 
All Forge World fans know that Zone Mortalis (zone of death) is the term used for confined fights be it in a fortress, a starship, underground  bunker etc. 

So with GW stating that at the end of a White Dwarf is either: 
1) A big misdirection and they have coined the phrase for another thing they have in the pipe. 
2) It is a GW battle report in a Zone Mortalis board. 
3) GW are about to drop Starship terrain   

Now personally I think option 3 is the most viable choice. My reasoning is; GW have just created a giant Khorne Fortress board which is mainly interlocking flat pieces so a Starship board is not out of their remit. It also is the only other board dynamic that they have not supported or created 3d scenery for (we have city battles, forest battles, Hive battles (Necromunda) Planetary invasion battles, Death World battles and open field battles). 
I have always wanted them to release something, hence when FW released their Zone Mortalis Board I bought a 6x4 board. 

The other reasoning behind this belief they are releasing a Starship board / scenery is that with "Battle of Calth" game coming soon, and it rumoured to be a board game, could they be either; preparing us to buy a 3d version of the upcoming board game's card board or will Battle of Calth have some plastic scenery in it as the base kit for a gamer's new board. 

Now we should see this Zone of Death for the first time on the 3rd for pre-order for purchase on the 10th. The GW open day is the 17th too (where I expect to see the Batfle of Calth game too). 

All speculation. What do you think?

Drake Seta


  1. That all seems reasonable. A 3d space hulk / space crusade board is every boys dream and as you say, the technology is there now so why not?

    1. Yeah. would be a great thing to see!! Would hope more space crusaded than hulk though. :)

  2. I'd be all in for plastic versions of Zone Mortalis corridors. The old Necromunda bulkheads were great but finding a set these days is a helluva hunt.

  3. Well, i recently bought enough tiles for a 6x4 ZM board^^ afaik no, GW won't release Zone Mortalis anytime soon - but i can see Tau buildings :P (btw, the "hint" part of the hints is A storm is brewing -> refers to the new Tau Stormsurge suit afaik^^)

    1. That would be a relief as I really want them to create more ZM tiles (Bridge, Enginerium etc).

    2. oh, more ZM tiles would be awesome indeed^^

      i have bought 3 of the normal 2x2 sets, 1 of the 2nd 2x2 set, 4 extra tiles without wands (in order to create a hangar similiar to the phall board :D)^^

      for the enginerium, i ordered this tile and will use it together with my ZM tiles to represent a generator or something:

      planning a phall board is pretty fun btw :D

    3. Hi Atia. Pretty much the same with me. Only difference is one less cross road and one extra open tile. A Hangar is a must really.
      Good idea with the Generatorum tile.

    4. hehe yeah^^

      i think i'll paint it in then next months, and may add another 8 tiles to it :D i also want to add an aquila artillary bonker (i think that was the name of it) to represent a ship cannon - and maybe a part of the outer hull like FW did with their Phall board? *sighs* so much cool stuff to do *_*


      You might be interested in above.

      Kaelo and I started 3d CAD work to make some of our own scenery, but life etc got in the way. We are planning to continue it soon enough though. It is nice and easy when it comes to repeatable bits.

      Macro cannon gun port was in my target too, but scale is insane!!

    6. wow, that's pretty cool :O