Monday, 5 October 2015

Forge World Bulletin 5/10/2015

Hi all. A special day today (see more about later tonight), we have been shown a new Knight force from the Forge World studio and the much in demand Alpha Legion and Imperial Fist transfer sheets:

This next book which approaches is looking to be great. These Knights apparently have sided with the Warmaster. Could they be a Knight house which is featured in an upcoming black book? You just know Dom has been working on the Mechanicum Cerastus that was previewed recently too, considering this is a Traitor / Mechanicum knight house. 

Also murmurings of the new plastic box are around again. 

17th is the open day where we will get a big announcement. 

24th could be the White Dwarf preview?

31st we could enter the 31st Millenium?

That is what I would do :)

Drake Seta


  1. Yeah, i hope they add an updated Questoris Knights list to the next book .... want to use the new kit :P

  2. I bought an Acheron over the weekend! Really need some House Vornherr transfers!

    1. yeah - and some House Vyronii transfers on top xD


    2. House hermatika needs more details and decals 😅