Friday, 23 October 2015

Forge World Release 23/10

Never more.....

Friday rolls around and today we get to see the latest releases from Forge World and Raven Guard fans will be happy to know it is solely for them!! 

Today hails the long awaited release of the Mor Deythan squad and also their own set of transfers:

A good day as we had been expecting the Mor Deythan for a while now seeing them at a few events as works in progress but now you will be able to order them as well as a gorgeous transfer sheet. 

May this hail a list of legion releases? Who knows......

What does everyone think of todays release? What would you guys like to see next? Let us know in the comments.

Darko Thane


  1. Woohoo! Finally! Very happy now.

    Although £50 for 5 marines does seem a bit steep! The transfers look great though, hopefully this starts the ball rolling on some more 19th Legion goodness I can add to my force!

  2. I am completely in love with these.. I'd wish i had time for Raven Guard.. Maybe some day!

  3. If I wasn't already working towards Iron Warriors for my groups escalation league, these would have me doing a Raven Guard force.

    The one on the right of the top row is crying out to be repurposed as a Raven Guard Praetor.

  4. Nice minis! I love the poses and the pauldrons, simple but cool design.

    Their only real flaw is the price. I thought the UM Suzerains were a sad exception, but it seems that around £50 is becoming the new rule. :^(

    "Hope FW won't increase the prices anymore
    In pauverty they will leave me as my money has flown before"
    Then the wallet said "Nevermore".

  5. They look nice but £50?! That's steep. £10 a miniature!

  6. £50 is excessive. But at least these are hand cast works of beauty, I resent £30 for the new machine stamped tau way more..

    Now the speculation bit. Maybe this price is in response to the forthcoming plastic heresy? Forgeworld need to hit their profit targets and potentially losing a lot of the most popular models (marines/contemptours), they need to claw this back from specials squads, vehicles and Titans.

  7. This coordination of GW and FW releases has been nice. Tau at the same time, now Raven Guard at the same time. It's a smart strategy.

  8. Think these will be converted for my Word Bearers, to provide variation within are on Squad. On a side note the Mk II Assault Marines are listed as no longer available.

  9. I wouldn't read to much into it, the dredo auto cannons where the same at the weekend.

  10. Finally some Raven Guard stuff :D hopefully Corax soon, absolutely gorgeous

    1. Agreed, I'm imperial fists myself but I definitely think Raven Guard could do with a look in