Saturday, 24 October 2015

Bone Garland. Armed and further along.

Hi all. Thought I'd share my progress! This week I magnetised Bone Garland's arms. 

Firstly I drilled a hole. 8mm wide to accommodate an 8mm wide magnet. Now at this point you want to ensure the polarisation you use now goes accross the entire model. I did the head and glued a magnet in place. Then made sure I had a main body polarisation which would be used for all body magnets and a limb / plate polarisation too. 

Then drilled 8mm hole for magnet in the elbow before it was glued to the torso. After the magnet was glued inside.  

Magnets I used were earth magnets (eBay). 8mmx8mm. This was a risk I know. One magnet holding that much weight, but if works (just ensure they connect). 

Bone Garland in his current state of assembly. 

To Brass the cog or not. Hmmm. Maybe silver? Not sure. 

I also washed more armour then. . .

Painted the Hydraulic housing Runelord Brass then washed with a mix of Warplock, Klear and water (so it shades the recesses). 

Still miles to go. 

Drake Seta


  1. Looking good drake. Why not an off white or bone for the cog? I think silver would look odd. I also think a few panel in white or bone may help the scheme pop.

    1. Hi again, I would look a war maniple ferrum Mori from the HH heresy book (sorry can't remember which one). The Reavers have the opus mechanicus painted in a number of different ways.

      White / red split seems the most common.

    2. Hi Colonel!
      Yeah have had a look at the War Maniple in Betrayal. I think I will bee going for a pair of White stripe on the shins possibly. Have seen some lightning bolts too out there. The only places on Legio Mortis engines where the surface is totally white, is the occasional full head (probably to do with their Legion motif of a white skull. Didn't want to have a white head for this Titan as the red shoulder pads would have made it really bright up top. Otherwise would have really been tempted by a white, but they are a dark Legio.
      Will be putting transfers on soon too as weathering will need to be done over the top.

      Oh yeah I remember that. Will have a look and will possibly pay homage and copy it.

  2. Maybe miles to go, but you have already passes for almost done. Considering the size and complexity this is phenomenal progress.

  3. Impressive, such a big project but your making it look easy!

  4. Looks like it's all coming together nicely.

    Finally started magnetizing and sticking my Warlord together, although I've had it since may.

    Will have to submit to Titan Owners Club.

    1. What legio are you planning it to belong to?

    2. Was originally gonna be Legio Crucius but I couldn't get the black how I wanted it.

      Decided on Legio Metalica now. Really can't wait to start painting him.

  5. Great work and I agree with the other comments, many would have said that was almost there.
    Well done for not giving up half way through such a huge project too!!

  6. He already looks pretty awesome Drake!

    Are you going for a base?

    1. Thanks fellow Bunny :) got further tonight still. Just want to finish the beast now.

      Not if I can help it. I spirit levelled it and got a near perfect centre of gravity I believe. He is very sturdy. The only thing I may consider is a magnetised base shaped more like a footprint than anything else. From certain points on it there will be Fissures spreading out. This would enable me to recreate it for grass / snow / desert / city boards. We will see though!