Sunday, 25 October 2015

Weekly Progress Report 25/10

Hi guys, here is another report into the weekly goings on inside the Bunny camp. See below our most recent works this week :)

Tylar has been painting the roads on his city scape boards ready for first stage base coats on the building foundations. 
There will be a show and tell for the additions on the bottom left board in a future post. He has also been in the process of cleaning a monumental amount of resin in prep for priming and first stage base coat. 

Kaelo has had a massively productive week but no photos. He has started reposing his Roboute Guilliman and his female Solar Auxillia commander. He has also completed the final interview for the blog recruitment and we are delighted to announce 1 more author coming in the next 2 weeks. This will bring a conclusion to our recruitment and will bring us above full strength.

Aveinus has been tied up at work this week but has been working on another Meduson Immortal that will feature in a blog post about his Iron Hands paint scheme.

I (Darko) have finally completed the black trim priming on my Palatine Blade squad.
Unfortunately I don't have a picture taken to show this properly but this week I aim 
to hopefully complete this squad as I am working away from home and should have ample time for this so will provide a near enough completed post either this week coming or next after.

Drake Seta has been bonded to Kaelo's service whilst he fulfils his oathed hours. He has been painting a series of Axes for Suzerains and Rotor Cannons. 

He has found time to do some work on Bone Garland too (which is now magnetised). Pinning needs to be done on hips and knees soon.

Castiel has been once more been working tirelessly at trimming and assembling the start of his first few squads. A good portion have been worked on and this will be shown soon.

A good lot of progress for this week being shown and potentially a good point where we will see finished models from a few of us (fingers crossed) soon enough. Let us know below what you think of our progress so far :)

Darko Thane


  1. That's a lot of progress this week! Looking forward to seeing some finished legions soon ;-)

  2. I actually miss painting Infantry!!!

    1. Haha, I can imagine!
      That's probably a good thing tho. I find if good to paint a few tanks every now and then when I get bored of painting marines

    2. Yup. Completely agree. Finding it hard to keep the interest up now. I normally at this stage slide accross and start another project!
      Really looking forward to the 14th of November now. Tempted to reward myself with a day of trimming and gluing this Battle of Calth boxed set! Also tempted to do a "Legion in a Day" to break it up.

  3. That is a monumental amount of resin! For the first time in ages I managed to actually get something similar done at the weekend and table looked similar.

    It would seem that the Betrayal at Calth has began with a surprisingly revealing video up on the GW site and a 2 week lead time - that's all bit different to the norm.

    1. Cheers :)

      Always good when a substantial amount of hobby work is done in a week.