Monday 12 October 2015

FW Bulletin 12/10/2015

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Take a look at today's FW Bulletin:

The Doom of Mymeara is going to get an update soon - we already heard about that at the last FW event, and it's cool to see an announcement:

"This week in the Forge World studio I saw signs of the return of an ancient race. The first copies of the long awaited updated edition of Imperial Armour - Doom of Mymeara have appeared in the studio, and that can only mean that it’s getting close to being released!"

 Also: more from Dom's Mechanicum Army - pretty stuff :)

Lady Atia


  1. if they release IA11 2nd ed before orks or badab wars, a lot of folks will start flipping tables

  2. Love the Mymera Eldar. Such a great colour scheme. The book was a step above too in my opinion.

  3. Hopefully the Corsair list is a bit more interesting now. They are an army that really appeals to me but:
    1. The unit variety is a little bit lacklustre
    2. I cant stand the current Eldar Guardian wide leg static pose
    Hopefully this will fix one of the problems and a new Guardian kit (sometime next year?) will be too tempting to ignore.

  4. I'll be honest, I was disappointed when this originally came along. They bigged up the space wolves element of the book way too much and in the end didn't even release a mini for Bran Redmaw!
    Putting that aside, compare the book to the two IA books that came before it and the HH black books and you'll see the story, background and art are all a bit lacking.
    Hopefully the update goes someway to improving the whole book.

    1. Maybe now's the time for the Bran model?

    2. Could test the waters with what we might see HH-wise I guess

    3. afaik Bran got dropped because the sculpter wasn't happy with the model - so unless someone really wants to make him now i wouldn't get my hopes up :/

    4. I remember seeing the WIP mini at an open day and he looked like a dwarf slayer!

    5. yeah, that WIP model got scrapped^^

  5. The FW Eldar models are quite something. Very nearly got a Hornet in my last order just as a little taster before sanity prevailed - one army at a time or so I keep telling myself.