Tuesday, 20 October 2015

House Vornherr Knight Acheron

Hey Guys!

So I have hit a lull on my Ultramarines due to weather and space restrictions. Looking to get back on them tomorrow night. Instead I have been building the Knight for my Scion of House Vornherr. You probably don't remember but a while back I wrote a post looking at the fluff for this beautiful house. One of the key things I looked at is the strength of the household and which Knights they would use. The Duke would usually head off to war in his Acheron with a veteran lifeguard formation of a couple of Castigators. Lancers made up the vanguard with Paladins and Errants being the most numerical in the 600 strong House.

So here is the work in progress of my Scion's Acheron. 

I wanted a similar pose to that of the one on the FW website. I am planning this engines livery and story and it will go something like this:
'Where the crimson fields are rendered with a jagged edge, this is commonly indicative of deliberate erasure of some facet of the Household's history, most likely in reference to the Knight Houses the Vornherr defeated and absorbed during the Age of Strife.' - I want my engine to be pure so there will be no zig-zags.

'The dark blue check pattern is indicative that the bearer has inherited the mantle of power from an immediate forebear.' - I will have this. My Scion will be the descendant of a successful and noble Duke.
The skull-headed raptor symbol will be on him - the symbol of the House!

I won't have a white band on him as that will suggest a wound suffered in battle - but there will be one on his Castigator bodyguard!
I am also going to show his allegiance to the 12th Expeditionary Fleet, Ultramarines, Roboute Guilliman and the IXth company commander Kaelo Rylanus with a half blue shin pad like this:

My next conundrum is his name! I was thinking something European/Spanish sounding - I love the name Torres! Make your suggestions below and I am up for ideas! I hope you have enjoyed my little WIP. 

Cheers for reading



  1. The pinnacle of Heresy neepery: modeling a force that was killed to a man on Calth.

    Party on, Kaelo!

    1. Honour to the dead! ^^

      You could try "Álvarez" or "Álvaro". There are different theories about the origins of the name, but most are related with knighthood, power or protection. :^)

    2. I like both of them! Great suggestions!

    3. We play mainly in the Great Crusade so they will be a massive addition to the 12thEF!!

      Then Castiel can destroy them on Calth...I wonder at the eventual fate of my Scion...

  2. Loving the look youre going for, cant wait to see the completed product :D

  3. I just ordered one of these, looking forward to seeing yours completed.

    1. It's a really lovely kit. I shall keep y'all updated :)

  4. Replies
    1. Just so long as he gets killed by a Knight named the Kurgan.