Saturday, 17 October 2015

New Brass Etchings shown

Greetings again from the Warhammer 40k Open Day!! Lots of things shown so far and another addition to share with you are some new prototype brass etchings.

Shown today are new etchings for the Night Lords and Iron Warriors. These look decent but also have a nifty little feature on them. Check them out below and I'll explain:

If you look on the sides of the etchings are templates. These are used to spray perfect chevrons (Iron Warriors) and also perfect lightning strikes (Night Lords). Cool!! These have only just come through the studio this week for event showing and have yet to be approved so no definite release time so watch this space for more.

Lots more to come from us throughout the day so keep your eyes peeled for more from us!!

Darko Thane


  1. Do I spy new DG transfers next to them? Are there new ones for SoH etc too?

  2. Hi Marshall, does look like it... Definatley not the current sheet which is a pig to apply.

  3. Those spray templates are a great idea!

  4. Any word when these will be released?