Saturday, 17 October 2015

New Transfers revealed

Imperial Fists

Legio Atarus

New Iron Hands

New Solar Auxilia

New Salamanders

Knight House Makabius

Knight House Vyronii 

New Death Guard Transfers too!

Drake Seta


  1. Dam they look good, shame no legio Tempestus though...

  2. Glad to see the new Fists transfers... Hoping the FW space wolves sheet will reappear soon!

  3. None of those are new, they have been on display at the last couple of events going back to Spring. Hopefully they can release them soon.

    1. Which event are you referring too. The designers informed us they were new and we have no memory of most of them.

    2. Think the Atarus may have been. I know the Imperial Fist one was on show at the Uk FW Open Day but not finished. The Iron Hands, Death Guard and Salamanders are new re-designs.
      The Knight House ones haven't been either to my knowledge as I would have been aroused by the Makabius ones.

    3. Death Guard is new, as are the Knight ones - i knowed they would make them, but it's great to see them finished in order to have an ETA on their release date^^

      Any informations if they want to make more than the big 5/6? Any chance to get f.e. Hermetika or Atrax/Cyclothrathe ones too?

      Iron Hands, Salamanders and Solar Auxilia were shown at the Amsterdam Open Day :)