Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors: Basilisks

Hi all.

Monday last week I decided that I wanted to try something fun / show something different at the Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls, so I decided to hit up 3 Basilisks and take my Castellum. It was a true race against time, so I had to ask Kaelo to give me a hand with the work (mostly while I put little Nathaniel to bed). 

So as you can see I achieved it :)

So to start. 50/50 Leadbelcher was airbrushed onto the tank. 
Then zenithal and zonal highlighting with Thinned Runefang steel was used to break it up. 
After that it was purity sealed (heat gunned to prevent frosting in cold weather). 
Then the main chassis had black segments painted. 

The tracks were then re done with Leadbelcher. 
The brass details were picked out with Warplock to Runelord brass. 

Vents were done Leadbelcher then washed with Nuln oil and druchi at the top to add some heat damage. This was then blackened later near the top with weathering powder black soot. 

The gun braces were done Warplock with a zenithal Runelord brass drybrush followed by some agrax Earthshade and some ard coat to look oiled. 

The sides (left off til this stage - yet silvered beneath the masking tape you can see above) was sprayed Averland Sunset base then to Yriel yellow at the top. 

These were then masked where I wanted to keep the yellow, before I chaos blacked them. 

Peeled off and touched up. 

The whole unit was then covered in a klear, agrax Earthshade, Nuln oil and water wash (klear takes it into recesses). Then edges were chipped with iron breaker. 

I then added transfers. Cut nice and close to the decal. 

The whole tank (- crew) were then glued together and purity sealed again. 

I then splotched Burnt umber oil paint in places over the tank and flooded with white spirits (by this time it was 02:00 before I had to be up at 05:00 so no photos of this stage but if you search death guard Medusa top left you can see a guide on oil washes). 

The tanks in action :)

Thanks for reading. Thanks to Kaelo for his help. I will be painting lots of weapons no doubt in return. 

Drake Seta


  1. Looking good Drake, it really doesn't show they were a rush job in the photos. Are you going to weather the tracks?

    1. Oh hell yeah! It was too late to bust out the airbrush and weathering powders. My excuse was "they landed in the Castellum so their tracks didn't get too dirty lol. Soon will though.

  2. That's a pretty nice job in such a short space of time. Well done!

  3. They look incredible for the short space of time they were created in :) i doff thy hat to you sir

  4. Mass production for war. They looked good on the pictures from the other day and if you managed it in that timeframe then its all the more respectable.

    1. Cheers Cap' really appreciated. only a few more IW tanks to go then onto my next legion!

  5. Team efforts always pay off! They were outside the norm for me to paint which was really nice :)

    That Klear wash is really easy to use and highly effective. I am proud of how the bits I did turned out.

  6. That is a ridiculously amazing effort for so little time!! Shames my non-existent painting progress!!

  7. Pretty cool :)

    What is your oppinion on the hazard stripes on the decal sheet? Will you use them for infantry?

    1. I have used one at the bottom of a shoulder pad but probably not.

  8. Legion artillery look so much sleeker than their Astra Militarum counterparts. Forge World's really got a firm grip on the clean lines of Astartes stuff fresh from the foundries of Mars.