Friday, 13 November 2015

Forge World release 13/11

Hi guys, here we are with another set of releases from the Forge World studios. On the eve of the Betrayal at Calth release we are treated to the release of the Leviathan Dreadnought previously shown (and sold) at previous events.

With the Dreadnought comes two weapon option bundles, firstly it can come with a siege claw and a siege drill:

Secondly it can come with a storm cannon and grav flux bombard:

Having seen these at the events before (and also seeing Drake's) I am a big fan of this model. Rules for this model can be found on the sales page under the description if you would like to check that out. These are available to preorder to ship from 20th November.

It also seems that we have the start of the Xmas season free shipping vouchers, these are given to any order over £75.

What do you guys think of this release? What would you guys like to see come out next?? Let us know in the comments below :)

Darko Thane


  1. Nuts. No rules with it.
    Love the model, but need to see the rules before i make a final decision!

    1. here:

    2. Brandon the rules are on the dreadnought page :) scroll down and youll see a pdf for both the 30k and 40k relic rules

    3. I think they slowly update as they add links. Because now i can't connect and they definitely weren't there to begin with.

  2. Also unlike open day rules it can have pods as dedicated transport.

  3. You can also buy the arms seperately now^^

    And the Leviathan is sooo cute (I love dreadnoughts)

  4. These things are beasts. The severing cut rule and double strength ccws. 4+ inv...

  5. They changed the shipping voucher :(

  6. The 40k version is pretty ho-hum. All the fun toys are on the Heresy version!