Saturday, 14 November 2015

Sons of Nostramo #3 - I got big bots and I cannot lie...

This weeks offering, less super humans in armour but more super robots working for a super human in rather super armour.

This week I've not got as much done as I was hoping but still another unit surges from the hobby bench. 

I've always had a thing for robots in Wargaming (I'm hoping to introduce you to my knight household very soon) and it seemed churlish not to include some in my Night Lords army.

To that end I decided to get my Praevian consul out of storage and commit him to the Legion of Nostramo.

I wasn't that keen on the armament of the consul from the pack (and let's be honest - lightning claws look awesome on Night Lords) so I swapped out the fist for a claw and the pistol for a bolter (to increase the range of his preferred enemy special rule).

I did consider sealing out the head for  a skull helm but the way the head and collar met meant that there would be a good chance I'd scrap out the collar of the torso so it stayed put.

For his esteemed bodyguard I decided to go big or go home so I opted for a 5 bot chunk of castellax. Now I'm planning to do an all bit mechanicum army so these guys can be dual purpose. To that end I magnetised all the arm joints so I could switch between the fists and saws depending on need of the time. I went for all flamers on the arms for repelling charges (although with their stats I can't imagine many willing charges).

I found the castellax kit a great one to build (much easier to build them in 2s or 3s though) but quite difficult to pose - the waist pivots but is hindered by the ammo box fouling on the upper legs, and getting a natural walking or striding pose is quite tricky, but as they'll be going on scenic bases I may be able to adjust posed by building up the bases in certain places.

Once built I moved onto painting. I pruned them with Halfords grey primer, unfortunately in places I got nozzle rubble on the first pass, but after brushing on a little cellulose thinners with an old toothbrush I was able to prime again to reduce the texture. Base layer was the Games Workshop Leadbelcher spray, which for s metallic spray I found very good (shame they've discontinued it - I hope it makes a return sometime soon) and after that it was s liberal Agrax Earthshade wash.

That's as far as I've got with them so far, I think I will go black and bone (mostly black) for the plates to tie them into my Graian Titan legion, Legio Astraman.

So next up - I'm not sure really, I have another character I want to get on with but also plenty of stuff to build and paint, perhaps some vehicles next time?

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  1. Good work. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing the consul

  2. 3x Mauler Bolt cannons and 2x Multi-meltas? Nice combination.
    Want a spread of Castellax for my Iron Warrior Praevian too, but after reading 'Vorax' I will be using them for my Night Lords.

    Have you ever used them on a battlefield?

    1. I've used castellax before but not under the control of s Praevian - to be honest I think castellax are probably my favourite 'troops' choice for 30K

  3. I have used 5 with maulers and if anything it's overkill. They are awesome in game terms, even with the points change in the new red mechanicum book. They work even better with a good archmagos along to fix their missing wounds.

    I have since bought another to use in two units of 3. I think that's enough for most games.

    I didn't bother with multi meltas since their fists can mess up any vehicle...

  4. Yeah robots! Can't wait to see them finished (and some more mechanicum action :D)