Saturday, 14 November 2015

Legion in a Day - part 2

So here we are with a bit more progress on our Legion in a Day project. A bit slower than we had anticipated but included an extended lunch break we think these are coming along nicely:

For now we have started constructing the torsos and applying them to the legs. We have some legion specific torsos so they will be added to the mix in places. The cataphractii have been constructed and after we have then finished up the marines we will be at a painting stage!! 

Working through this kit we are all falling for this kit. It works together so well and it is so nice to build with. 

Next up we will show the fully built stage and also our base spray stage.

How are your kits turning out to be? How do you like our progress so far? Let us know in the comments below :) 

Darko Thane


  1. Those cataphractii are looking good. Can't wait to build mine!

  2. Great progress so far guys. Waiting for my box to be delivered :-(

  3. Good going guys! Looking forward to seeing the paint going on!

  4. What's a good loadout for terminators in this setting using just the contents of the box?

    1. There is a good variety of options for the terminators in the box. Anything from flamer set to even giving all 5 a pair of lightning claws!!! The world is your oyster in this box!

    2. What would a recommended loadout be? What would you suggest to using. Sorry for being pushy but I want to get it right.

    3. Hi Simon. For an Ultramarine squad I would give 3x Combi Bolters and Fists, a Flamer and Fist and Sgt with Combi Melta, Power Sword and Grenade Harness. Good all round squad then.