Saturday 14 November 2015

Legion in a Day - part 3

So we are certainly making our way through the Legion in a Day project. We have moved over to Drake's foundries and have added certain other units into the mix of our Betrayal at Calth units.

Added in are:

5 plasma destroyers
10 despoilers
5 multi melta marines
5 volkite marines

The above models have already been worked on and been base sprayed. We are just about to add the base coats to the rest of the models we are working on. Progress is coming along nicely but we are unsure of hitting our target today. But fret not as we will not give up, in the Emperor's name we shall not give up!!!

Our next progress shall be once colour has been applied to all models. Missing from the picture above are 20 marines which are currently undergoing work so do not think we are missing out!!

Do you guys approve of our progress so far? Have you made progress on your own? Let us know in the comments below :)

Darko Thane


  1. That's an epic effort guys, do you think you'll get it done?

    1. Its a big ask but we wont give in!!! We will give it a very good go. It might be we finish trim only tonight but we shall see!! Check out the next part to see how we go!!

  2. I've de-sprued one tactical squad completely and now I'm tackling the mould lines. This has taken me 4+ hours so I think you guys are winning :þ

  3. You can do it guys, don't give up!

    I now have my first five tacticals built. Are you using the pistols and knives?