Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sons of Nostramo #3 - Ophion and the Terror Squad

Well another week closes and another chunk of Curze's boys is nearer to completion. After putting together Ophion last week I really couldn't resist putting some paint on him this week (even though I should really be painting infantry). So here are the results of my labours. I have found after doing some painting this week that I am going to make some changes to what I've done - so these really are still works in progress.

So onto the next project for this week. Following on from the test scheme on Mk3 armour I really liked the idea of the more elite forces having older armour patterns so to that end I started on my first 5 man squad. A little dab of green stuff to change a Blood Angel head into something more fitting and a selection of weaponry from the plastic Raptor/Warp Talon box set and I had a good basis to start.

After the painting I realised that I may need them to stand out a little more from my other infantry so I'm going to remove the heads and replace with the Forge World skull helms. I also think that the scenic bases need to be 32mm rather than the 28mm I've used so a little tweaking will be in order before I get much further with the other 5 man squads.

And now onto something a bit different. I'm really keen on keeping the army fast paced and the idea of jetbikes really appeals to me - however I'm not a massive fan of the 'easy rider' Scimitar pattern, so turning back to the pages of Collected Visions I decided to cobble together a jetbike pattern (not a Bullock and not a Scimitar but let's say Rapier) that I could see skimming through the ranks of the enemy. So having already acquired some third party jetbikes and enough parts from the Master of the Ravenwing I started to go about converting up a unit of jetbikes for the Night Lords force. I've done 5 so far but plan on adding 12 to the finished army. So here they are as they stand at the minute, I'm hoping to get some paint on them over the next few weeks.

So having caught the character bug I'll be posting up another next week with 3 pretty beefy looking bodyguards.

Keep watching the skies.



  1. Great work. I like all of it!
    The paint scheme looks good, your green stuff looks good. It all looks good!
    I like your choice of jet bike. I was never sold on the scimitar either, I can't see one of that type in collected visions anywhere, but I liked the rules and wanting to be able to enter my army in to GW and FW events I brought a squad and must say they've grown on me quite a bit.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. Looking very cool. Love the bikes from Collected visions and you have done a great job on them. Have you thought about sculpting small bone parts onto the MKIII helms?
    I agree with the base size too! Got to pluck up the drive to sort my Legions out in a weekend.

  3. Great work! They are looking really good!

  4. I like the scimitar, but I like these too. I just like jet bikes I guess...
    The character annoys me though, I hate bat wings and I'm not always keen on cloaks, but now I find a model that carries both off. Good job!
    the terror sqauds look great as is.

  5. Thanks guys, glad you like them.

    Col. Hertford - I'm glad I've won you over ;-) just wait for the next round of characters, I'm sure there'll be other bat wings and capes in there somewhere.

  6. I have to say, I really don't like the look of those jetbikes.