Sunday, 8 November 2015

Weekly Progress Report 08/11

Hi guys, here we are again, another exciting week over, mostly with the showing of the new Betrayal at Calth box set. So here we go with our own progress:

King Fluff has put together 5 jetbikes, painted a praetor and 6 Volkite welding terror squad members.

Drake has been assisting Castiel in a massive trim and pose-athon for all of his Dark Angels.

I (Darko) have been making good progress through his squad of Palatine Blades as you may have caught my post earlier this week. I will be sorting through a range of unfinished units for the forseeable future so expect to see a few more posts from me on these. I still have need of completing the tactical squad and the Palatines at the same time.

Kaelo has been plagued by severe illness so unfortunately has no progress to report of this week. 

Aveinus has finally finished his ten man Meduson Immortals squad! It will now appear in a completed unit post in the future. He has however made an impulse buy and bought a new character for a coming meeting with the other bunnies. There will be a blog post on Tuesday giving you all a look at the progress he has made and  his thoughts on the model.

Darien has been busy washing and building 20 Justaerin, 3 Dreadclaws, a Kharybdis, Fireraptor and Xiphon for his Sons of Horus. A full progress report will be coming on Monday.

Lady Atia is currently working on khorne daemons, consisting of 3 juggernauts, some highlites on the lower part of the skullcannon, 2 heralds and ang'grath to go.

A lot going on now the camp has expanded. We are very much excited for this week with the release of the new plastic range coming. We will be getting our own ones on Saturday and have a surprise for that so stay tuned for then...... 

What do you guys think of our progress this week. What are you looking forward to seeing come up? Let us know in the comments below.

Darko Thane


  1. I think it is damn good progress.

  2. I really like these Night Lords jetbikes - far more bulky and aggressive than the normal FW ones!

  3. An impressive week of progress all round! Great work Bunnies! 😀

  4. Will the bunnies be building the official set or are each of you just going to use the BaC for bulking up your respective legions? Cause I know which I am doing: all for one legion!

    1. I really really really want to get an official set done too. But I am not sure yet. It is against our Great Crusade Goals currently, but would feel weird not to get it done.

    2. I'm going to build one set as WB vs Ultramarines, but I'll use FW upgrades to bling them up ^.^

    3. Wish I had that kind of money 😄
      But in all honesty I will be using the GW upgrade packs I think. Not all the bits but definitely the shoulder pads. Would that look good?

  5. I think your all lazy :p

    Great progress and get well soon kaelo