Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Battle Bunnies 20 Legions of Xmas: Dark Angels

On the first day of Xmas Santa gave to me - A Legion full of Mys-ter-y

Legion: I
Name: Dark Angels
Former Names: Unknown (if any)
Primarch: Lion El Jonson
First Captain at outbreak of Heresy: Luthor

Forge World Paint scheme:
Black armour:
Spray Chaos Black
Airbrushed Dawnstone (new Citadel air paint) or a thinned standard Dawnstone. 

Wash with Nuln oil to taste.

No wash - 1 wash - 2 wash

Silver details:
Ironbreaker washed with Nuln oil

Red details
Mephiston Red 
Highlight with Kislev Flesh
Washed with Drakenhof Nightshade

White details 
White Scar washed with Nuln Oil.

After 2 Niln oils and a Leadbelcher sponge / ultra fine brush, chipping. 

Alternative Paint scheme: None attempted

Typical 2500pt list: inc Primarch as LoW, following Right or War if suitable for a standard deployment by their Legion. 
Praetor: paragon blade; archaeotech pistol; iron halo 170

9 Tactical Space Marines: chainswords; + 1 Tactical Sergeant (power fist) 185
9 Tactical Space Marines: + 1 Tactical Sergeant (combi-weapon) 160
4 Tactical Support Marines: plasma guns; + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant 175

4 Terminators: Cataphractii armour; 2× combi-weapon; volkite charger; power fist; lightning claw; chainfist; thunder hammer; plasma blaster; + 1 Terminator Sergeant 241
9 Veteran Space Marines: 3× volkite serpenta; 5× power weapon; meltagun; plasma gun; + 1 Veteran Sergeant (combi-weapon; power weapon; artificer armour); Outflank 325

3 Jetbike Sky Hunters: volkite culverin; Sky Hunter Sergeant 160

Achilles-Alpha Land Raider 300
4 Heavy Support Marines: missile launchers; + 1 Heavy Support Sergeant 160
Sicaran Battle Tank: lascannon sponsons 175

Lion 'El Jonson 450 (Approx)

2,501 points

List Summary: The first legion had access to a lot of the new toys on the block and as such some of the newer tanks would be a given. They also used the best an newest tech with a notable like for plasma weaponry.

Come back tomorrow for the II Legion :)



  1. Nice DA.
    I wanted to build some HH for my DA army. But i cant figure out if i should go for grey, green or blue (like my RW) highlights. I wish they woud make shoulder pads with the original rouge trader symbol ;)

  2. Nice bauble!
    And a nice article too.

  3. Very well done, a sensible advents calendar.

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    1. No. Go away. You are definately not welcome here. This is our happy place.

  5. Love it. Great tree!!

    Drake, if they wear one bonded pad and one Legion mark, should it not be the bonded pad on the left shoulder... Legion mark on right shoulder like the old school RTB01... but then again, you are free to do whatever as there were tens of thousands of First Legion Marines so ignore me ;) Great colourscheme and neat and tidy paintjob, loving it.

    1. Either way is fine, loads of artwork shows them on either side. Well spotted :)

    2. Either side seems ok... Or both in the case of some world eaters images :-)

  6. Yeah a painting guide :)

    Excellent post guys!

  7. Great looking models, when you say airbrush dawnstone is that all over or just from above?

    1. Thanks. The airbrushing is from above I think it works really well that way.

    2. Thanks. The airbrushing is from above I think it works really well that way.