Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Daemons of the Ruinstorm: Locked and loaded!

Howdy Guys and Girls!

Need to admit, was a bit ashamed about my progress last week, so I sat down and finished the Skullcannon and a Herald of Khorne! Hope you enjoy them as much as I have during painting! 

Skull Cannon of Khorne

Sark'hazha'khark,  Daemon Engine of Khorne

There are records that speak of daemonic Skull Cannons, war machines forged in the furnaces at the foot of the Blood God's throne in the Realm of Chaos. These Daemon Engines are so murderously efficient and sinister that some believe that they have been forged by Khorne's own hand. Much like his Juggernauts, the Skull Cannons are monstrous fusions of daemonic spirit and hell-forged construct. Their twisted and clinkered forms burn with the desire to shed blood and crush bones, to exalt Khorne with every trampled foe.

Atop the Skull Cannon ride a pair of Bloodletters, howling with battlelust and chanting Khorne's praises as their armoured steed rumbles towards the enemy. These are the same daemons that oversaw the machine's creation, now charged with guiding it in furtherance of the Blood God's unholy purpose. The Skull Cannon hardly needs encouragement to maim and slay -- the daemon bound within its black heart is as wrathful and murderous as any in Khorne's service. Indeed, a Skull Cannon is more wilful and proud than the wildest of Juggernauts, and pays little heed to the snarling creatures harnessed to its mechanical glory.

As the Skull Cannon grinds across the battlefield, its spiked wheels mangle everything in its path. Those who die the instant as the engine rumbles over them can be counted the most fortunate of its victims. Others, crippled and broken are fed screaming into the Skull Cannon's gaping maw, there to be roasted by daemonic fire and ground into fragments. Most of the remains are ejected at the Skull Cannon's rear in a red wake of bone splinters and blood. Only the skulls are retained, fleshless and scorched, but otherwise whole. They are infused with the Blood God's endless and abiding wrath until their empty eye sockets weep blood and their slack jaws jibber with rage. Only then, with an echoing boom, does the Skull Cannon discharge its namesake payload from its main weapon. The skulls catch fire as they are launched, and roar with evil laughter as they fly. They slam into the enemy ranks, burning them from cover and leaving a trail of scorched and blazing dead.

The cannon itself was pretty cool to paint, as i could play with some blood effects. I used Vallejo 72.132 Fresh Blood and 72.133 Dried Blood for this, but may tip into Tamiya Clear Red for blood/gore effects in the future too.

The Verdigris was also done with Vallejo 70.832 Verdigris - i prefer it over the GW effect as it's kind of a glaze.

The red skin for my Bloodletters is basically:
- Basecoat of Vallejo 70.926 Red, use an airbrush for it, try to avoid horns and stuff
- wash thinned down Liquitex Turquoise Deep ink in the recesses to build up shadows
- Layer with Vallejo 70.957 Flat Red, you may need 2 thin coats of it, avoid recesses, avoid were the horns start to appear
- layer of thinned down Aero Colour Brilliant Red ink over the model, as a glaze
- wash of Carroburg Crimson in the recesses/darker parts
- first highlites with Evil Suns Scarlet
- second highlites with Wild Riders Red
- third highlites with Fire Dragon Bright
- last extrem highlites (use it for the face and the back-crest) with a mix of Fire Dragon Bright and Dorn Yellow

Horns and other black parts:
- well, actually, it's a pretty simple technique: you start with two colours, red and black - now you use thinned down Nuln Oil (mixed with GW thinner) to blend both colours together - each layer you paint less of the lower parts of the horns^^
- highlite the black parts with Mechanicus Standard Grey; and Celestia Grey, and the lower parts with red to blend it together.

The Bloodreaver

Spa'curt'zah'acul, Herald of Khorne 

It is said that this Daemon was one of many born after a huge slave rebellion during the ancient times of old Terra - a slaughter so great, it turned a river deep red. Although the slaves fought well, they were defeated, their leader slain by a mighty warlord, six thousand men crucified and countless more butchered. Indeed, it is believed that said battle created some of the first heralds of Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle - an early triumph for Chaos' in mankind's history ...

Lady Atia


  1. Very nice Lady! Signus Prime will burn

    1. Signus, Calth, Terra ... at the end, all will burn beneath the shadow of my wings :>

      (btw, i need to write 30k rules for Valkia ....!!!!!)

  2. Replies
    1. "Let us teach them,that all who draw breath are of equal worth!
      And that those that seek to place heel upon the throat of liberty...Will fall to the cry of freedom!"

      Poor Spartacus .... :<

  3. Samus?

    I hear him calling......

    Top notch as always!

    1. Thanks ^_^

      Skulltaker and Ang'grath are next, since i should finish them for a painting challenge ... after that .... Samus, Samus, Samus, Samus!!!

    2. Ok I'll let you off then :)

      Ang'grath and skull taker will do!!

  4. Looking awesome...loving the engine! Great stuff!

    1. Thanks ^_^

      Yeah Daemon Engines are aweasome! I also have two Blood Slaughterers and a Chaos Knight (i imagine Word Bearers could have experimented with some warp voodoo already >.>) for later :D