Wednesday 16 December 2015

Battle Bunnies 20 Legions of Xmas: Sons of Horus

On the sixteenth day of Christmas The Emperor gave to me;

Sor-cerers a' cast-in'
Poi-son and cont-a-gion
Big blue bastards
12 Butchers Nails
Ten Ma-chine addicts
9 Angels weeping
Psy-chos a' skin-in'
Seven breachers breaching
Sa-vage laugh-ing kill-ers!
Dirty ditch diggers
+++Records Expunged+++
And a Legion full of mys-ter-y

Legion: XVI
Name: Sons of Horus
Former Names: Luna Wolves
Primarch: Horus Lupercal
First Captain at outbreak of Heresy: Ezekyle Abaddon
Forge World Paint scheme:

  1. Undercoat with Chaos Black Spray;
  2. Basecoat with a mix Of 25% Castellan Green, 25% Sotek Green, 25% Dawnstone And 25% Nurgling Green;
  3. Repeat stage 2 with 20% more Dawnstone and Sotek Green
  4. Repeat stage 3 with 20% more Dawnstone and Sotek Green
  5. Wash with several very thin layers of Colia Greenshade, each starting lower down the armour plate
You can now replace the green mix above with Forgeworlds Airbrush range. Lupercal Green and Sons of Horus Green. This would replace stages 2-4. These are the paints used on the bauble and are perfect for job!

  1. Basecoat with Runelord Brass;
  2. Wash with Agrax Earthshade;
  3. Highlight with Runelord Brass in striking motions to create a chipped and weathered appearance.
  1. Basecoat with Leadbelcher;
  2. Wash with Nuln Oil;
  3. Highlight with Leadbelcher in striking motions to create a chipped and weathered appearance.
  4. Highlight with Iron Breaker as Stage 3.
Alternative paint scheme:
Black armour for 1st Company Justaerin and Reavers: See Part 1 here and Part 2 here for my guide for this. 

Sample 2500 point list with Primarch:
Ezekyle Abaddon 

9 Tacticals, additional close combat weapons, Legion Vexilla. 
+ Sergeant with artificer armour power fist.
+ Rhino

16 Tacticals, additional close combat weapons, Legion Vexilla. 
+ Sergeant with artificer armour, power fist.

5 Justaerin Terminators, 4 power weapons, power fist

Fast Attack
9 Reaver Attack Squad, 2 power weapons, 1 power fist, jump packs
+ Reaver Chieftain, artificer armour, power fist

Storm Eagle Gunship, Twin linked multi-melta, Lasannons 

Heavy Support
Spartan Assault Tank

Sicaran Battle Tank, Lascannon sponsons, auxiliary drive

Lord of War
Horus the Warmaster

Everything in the list can move quickly, Sons of Horus want to get up into the opponent and are suited to combat with the Legion specific traits. This is why I have given the tactical squads the extra close combat weapons. Reavers are deadly and fun, they chunk out a huge amount of attacks with jump packs. Give them power swords to cut through regular marines with ease and don't send them up against specialist close combat squads. On the way across the table hide them behind the vehicles and hop them out when they get in range. Horus wants to be in combat, as such he rides with his First Captain and the 5 Justaerin in the Spartan. The big squad of tactical's go in the Storm Eagle and fly on to assist wherever needed or to overwhelm the opponent. The Storm Eagle and Sicaran can deal with armour, as well as keeping up with the rest of the army. 



  1. Really cool scheme there with the new airbrush range. Really need to see one of them done now with those paints.
    I tried the Night Lords one on the Night Lord Bauble and it is really pleasing. Interested to see how they are used in the HH Masterclass book which is coming out!

    1. I've been wanting to see that Masterclass book since it was first announced! I thought the FW green was too light at first but I since doing the bauble it has really grown on me!

  2. Nice!
    Went to see SW ep VII today and decided that I need a Storm Eagle (or two) in my army! ;o)

    Btw, Have you tried those new FW greens yet? I bought both of them but I just dont like SoH green. Its too light colour for my taste.
    Painted my contemptor using few layers of Lupercal green and washed it with coelia green, then a layer with lupercal and final one with 3:1 mix of lupercal/soh green.
    Maybe its still too dark but I like it!
    Started painting first squad of Reavers on monday using your Justaerin guide!
    If you paint your tacticals with FW paints could you do a similar tutorial for them?


    1. The Storm Eagle is one of my favourite models! Great in games as well. I used the FW greens for the bauble but haven't put them on a model yet. I thought they were too light at first but since using them the colour has grown on me. I am currently concentrating on the 1st company but when/if I do any green SoH I will do a painting guide to go with them! Glad that my Justaerin guide has been useful to you!

  3. Love the detail on the babble, how's the army going?

    Don't know if you noticed, but the SoH transfers are sold out. Hopefully them and the new DG soon..

    1. Thanks! The army is progressing, work has been in the way though! I have a progress update coming up later in the week!

      I had seen that the transfers were sold out! Excited to see new versions as they newer sheets they have done look really good!

    2. New SoH and DG transfers are already done, we should get them soon :)

    3. More interested in DG, but SoH is cool too!

  4. :O Horus isn't deep striking?! I'm much happier about that! Haha and of course great bauble Darien!

    1. Haha! Horus will be happier in a transport as well! That way he won't lose his whole unit before getting into assualt!!

  5. Love the ornament. I think I'll give the FW airbrush paints color scheme a go with a little more Greenshade to darken it up.

    A little off topic... But with the new T-shirt artwork, particularly the two with the Hydra entangling the imperial symbol and SoH logo... Might we be surprised at the HERESY WEEKENDER and get ALPHARIUS? not Corax as we all assume... Foreshadowing on FW's behalf?

    1. Thanks very much! I think I would use a fair bit of the greenshade to make them a bit darker.

      Personally I think Corax will be the next! But I can see where you're coming from!

  6. With that basecoat recipe in 2.) it was about time that FW got out its more appropriate colours. This should have happened a lot earlier.

    This advent calendar is great, with every new day it's becoming harder to decide what to do as a small traitor force with the BaC box.

    1. Glad your enjoying the advent! Go with the legion that has the back story you like the most! I find this helps to keep me interested in what I'm working on!