Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Daemons of the Ruinstorm: An'ggrath the Unbound

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Finally, I finished my An'ggrath - easily one of Forgeworld's best models, and I really enjoyed it to paint him up! For me, he also represents a worthy conclusion for my painting projects this year - I'll use the last days of 2015 to relax and prepare/build some stuff for next year.

At this point, I also want to say BIG THANKS to my fellow Bunnies - you are an awesome bunch, and each of you motivates me every day! <3 :)

And now, some of the usual fluff, pics and notes :)

An'ggrath the Unbound

Guardian of the Throne of Skulls, Deathbringer, Lord of the Eight, Greater Bloodthirster of the First Rank, The Bloodstorm, Rage Incarnate, First of His Name, Tetrarch of Chaos, Daemon King of Khorne

An'ggrath the Unbound, the mightiest of the Bloodthirsters, is the most favoured servant of the Blood God Khorne. In the pantheon of the Blood God's servants, An'ggrath stands next to the Skull Throne at Khorne's right hand. Amongst the ranks of Khorne's daemonic followers, An'ggrath is perhaps the greatest and most revered, next to Valkia and Doombreed, created by his patron Chaos God to be the ultimate expression of murder and violence, extolling Khorne's blood creed across the width and breadth of the galaxy. No one can stand against him and hope to live. An'ggrath has been Khorne's most favoured servant since Tzeentch inspired Khorne's then favoured slaughterer, the Bloodthirster known as Skarbrand, to strike at his own master. Skarbrand was cast out from Khorne's realm and exiled for all eternity, and An'ggrath was raised up as Khorne's most favoured son. Though the two Bloodthirsters are eternal foes, Khorne has decreed that the two can never meet in battle, for their value as slaughterers is too great to be wasted upon each other.

It is said that during the the Great Crusade, and later during the dark days of the Horus Heresy, An'ggrath was defeated twice - first by the Primarch Lorgar Aurelian during his Pilgrimage into the Eye of Terror, and a second time during the Shadow Crusade ...

Note: Whip of the Guardian - after Skarbrands' treachery, no one besides the Bloodgods' own consort dared to step in range of An'ggrath' whip (and this next to his patrons' throne) and survived ...

Note: Soulrend - this unholy Axe of Khorne contains the essence of the mighty Brasslord, another Greater Daemon of Khorne, slaughtered by An'ggrath during a challenge in the Bloodgods' arena.

I basically used the same techniques as with my other Khorne Daemons, but added some dry brushing to both wings and skin - in case you are interested how exactly I painted him, no worries. I want to do a step-by-step guide for Samus in the new year.

Here's my little Khorne army so far - I want to add a second unit of Bloodletters, some Fleshhounds, Blood Slaughterers, and more Heralds and big guys in the future. I think they will look great next to my Word Bearers! If you are a fan of the other gods - I also have plans for Slaanesh and Tzeentch next year ... :)

Last but not least - two size comparisons - thanks @Angron and Shade Lord Arkhas Fal for helping me with this :P

Hope you enjoy the big guy. Oh, and in case you missed him - Drake finished his Garro (Knight Errant Edition) yesterday, including a painting guide for silver armour.

Thanks for reading :-)

Lady Atia


  1. Of all your Khorne team that you have shown us over the past weeks this is the best. While I don"t particularly care for this model, what you have done with paint scheme is brilliant.

  2. He looks great - a fantastic centre piece to any army, I'm looking forward to the Samus paint guide and seeing what you do with Tzeentch in the new year.

    1. Thanks King Fluff :)

      Well, Tzeentch will be next year, but at the end, similiar to Khorne this year ^,^ but some Slaanesh stuff should arrive in the next weeks :P

      Can't wait for Samus either - he is soooo cute ^,^

  3. Another fantastic paint job and a worthy end to your painting for 2015!

  4. Looks fantastic Atia! Love the model sooo much. Looking forward to the guide.

    1. Glad you like him Drake ^,^

      Yeah, will probably need to split it into 2 or more posts, and need to figure out a paint scheme for my 30k Ultramarines (since he has one of them in his claws :p)

  5. I've already complemented this amazing model elsewhere, but I wI'll do it again. Excellent, captures the menace an aggression perfectly.

    1. Big thanks Col. Hertford!

      Yeah, was the last model for my Call of Chaos vow, hehe :P