Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Daemons of the Ruinstorm: Greater Bloodthirster of Khorne WIP

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Just a little WIP post from me this week - I started to work on Ang'grath, Greater Bloodthirster of Khorne:

Just did the first layers of red and prepared the black parts so far, the wings are pretty much done though. I used mostly dry-brushing and washes over an airbrush pre-shade for the wings - I'm normally not a fan of dry brushing, but there are a few things who really benefit from it - f.e. fur, wings or leather. 

I also finished his shoulder pad - better ask not what kind of daemon he killed for that skull!

Since Drake asked for it last week, that's the recipe I use for my skull stuff:

Skull White:

- Black Primer
- Base Coat of Ushabti Bone
- First layer of Screaming Skull
- Shade with Agrax Earthshade
- Layer of Vallejo 70.820 Offwhite
- Highlites with Vallejo White

Last but not least, I painted up his base - I imagine it's some little shrine build by Word Bearers to summon their daemon-buddies ... :D

Hope you like him so far - still a lot to do!

Lady Atia 


  1. Noice :D
    My lady once again your knocking another superb kit through the window!

    Can't wait to see him finished and wait for you to move on to your next piece

    1. Thanks Kurama^^

      still a lot to do - that guy has a lot of details ^_^

    2. Shh don't give it away @_#

      Anyway good stuff can't wait for more. And a hint for you I just ordered a big arse kit and I'll be calling it vegnagun if you can figure it out I'll buy you a beer

    3. Oh dear Kurama, I'm sure i will have a wednesday spot for you to show that thing on the blog :P

  2. He looking good! That base is very effective. Will you use him for AoS as well? If not a few vanquished marine helmets would look great.

    1. Thanks ^.^

      You got me - indeed, I want to use the daemons also for some small AoS games, but I'll use some Ultramarine parts for my Word Bearers bases - and Samus will get the Marine in his fist :)

    2. Samus will look cool with this. You could go mental and magnetise these elements so you can configure them to you opponent.

    3. Will looks what I can do - it depends on how well his hands fit without greenstuff :/

  3. By all of the skulls of the skull throne! He looks good. Love this model Sooooo much. Doing a great job. Thanks for the recipe too. Much appreciated.