Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Battle Bunnies 20 Legions of Xmas: Night Lords

On the 8th day of Christmas Santa gave to me;
Psy-chos a' skin-in'

Seven breachers breaching
Sa-vage laugh-ing kill-ers!
Dirty Ditch Diggers
+++ Records Expunged +++
And a Legion full of Mys-ter-y

Legion: VIII
Name: Night Lords
Former Names: None
Primarch: Konrad Curze (The Night Haunter)
First Captain at the outbreak of the Heresy: Jago Sevatarion (Captain of the Atrementar)

Matt Kane Painting colour scheme (no official one from FW):
1. The models were undercoated with GW Black Spray
2. The models were dry brushed with Rub and Buff Pewter, bringing the black undercoat upto a silver colour.
3. Tamaiya Clear Blue and Clear Red were mixed together to make a clear purple which was applied over the whole model in 3-4 very thin coats.
4. Once the model had dried, the whole thing was airbrushed with a layer of Auto Air colour Transparent Blue.
5. The Lightning strikes were painted on with Administratum Grey as a base coat. Then were the lightning strikes meet, it was highlighted with white.
6. Once the model had dried, it was protected with a coating of GW Purity Seal.

King Fluff's paint scheme:

Grey primer from Halfords

Armour plates - P3 Exile Blue base coat
Drakenhof Nightshade wash
Kantor Blue wet brush

Lightning - 50/50 Kantor Blue/Dawnstone wet brush
White Scar or Ceramite White wet brush

Metals - Leadbelcher base coat
Agrax Earthshade wash

Reds - Mephiston Red base coat
Agrax Earthshade wash
Evil Sunz Scarlet wet brush

Skulls - Steel Legion Drab base coat
Agrax Earthshade wash
Karak Stone wet brush
Ushabti Bone wet brush
White Scar highlight

Flesh - Dawnstone base coat
Nuln Oil wash
Ushabti Bone wet brush

Hair - Storm Vermin Fur base coat
Several Nuln Oil washes

Sample 2500 List with Primarch.

The Night Haunter 435
Sevetar 175

9 Terror Squad marines: 2 bolters, 2 heavy chainblades, 4 volkite charger, rotor cannon; + 1 Headsman (melta bombs, chainglaive)
• Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw drop pod 359

9 Terror Squad marines: 4 bolters, 2 heavy chainblades, 2 volkite charger, flamer; + 1 Headsman (melta bombs, power weapon)
• Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw drop pod 353

9 Terror Squad marines: 9 bolters; + 1 Headsman (melta bombs, chainglaive, hand flamer)
• Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw drop pod 343

Contemptor: havoc launcher, chainfist with heavy flamer, multi-melta, extra armour
• Dreadnought drop pod 285

Contemptor: havoc launcher, 2 kheres assault cannons
• Dreadnought drop pod 285

Kharybdis Assault Claw 260

The list is designed as hard hitting behind enemy lines, making best use of the legions rite of war (Terror Assault) and their access to Dreadclaw assault pods and maxing out pods to abuse the drop pod assault rule. It allows for swap outs in transported units and different combinations to hit specific units in an enemy deployment zone. Night Lords need good fire support and transport options whilst closing the gap quickly to make best use of combat, a more brutal version of what the Raven Guard are known for. I've found that Curze can be a little fragile so placing him in a decent transport with back up seemed like a good option.


  1. Love that list!

    Add some Terminators and Raptors and i'm in ;)^^

  2. That is a fine looking list Ben. No spam at all which I approve of entirely. Looks like it would be a fun one to use too!