Tuesday 8 December 2015

Sons of Nostramo #7 - Do they know it's Christmas time?

Good morning sports fans!
Welcome to another installment of those clad in midnight blue.

So as with the other Bunnies I've spent the last week or so busily prepping my forces for the Battle Bunnies Xmas Bash at Warhammer World.

I had a great time bashing loyalists even if the mayhem caused by the Lords of the Night was minimal.

So this week I managed to square away two Terror Squads, a unit of Night Raptors and my Praevian unit.

There are still bits and bobs I'd like to touch up and transfers to add at some point soon.

One of the biggest jobs was to re-base models and replace heads, whilst getting new models done as well.

Here's a little painting guide I put together whilst doing the painting this week.

Night Lords painting

Grey primer from Halfords

P3 exile blue base coat
Drakenhof Nightshade wash
Kantor Blue wet brush

Lightning - 50/50 Kantor Blue/Dawnstone wet brush
White Scar or Ceramite White wet brush

Metals - Leadbelcher base coat
Agrax Earthshade wash

Reds - Mephiston Red base coat
Agrax Earthshade wash
Evil Sunz Scarlet wet brush

Skulls - Steel Legion Drab base coat
Agrax Earthshade wash
Karak Stone wet brush
Ushabti Bone wet brush
White Scar highlight

Steel Legion Drab base coat

Agrax Earthshade wash

Karak Stone wet brush

Ushabti Bone wet brush

White Scar highlight with helmet backs painted in as blue armour

Flesh - Dawnstone base coat
Nuln Oil wash
Ushabti Bone wet brush

Hair - Storm Vermin Fur base coat
Several Nuln Oil washes

A little more on the battle then...

The two Terror Squads did very little (even with the inspiring presence of their Praetor)  - they wandered up the river bank for a while and then one squad was decimated by a Deredo's missile pods as it sought cover in a ruined out building.

Terror Squads of the Night Lords legion advance out of line of sight.

The Praevian unit killed one lone Thudd Gun operator and spent the rest of the game getting in the way of rampaging traitor Spartans.

Sons of Ultramar target the advancing Praevian and his Castellax bodyguard.

But the saving grace came in the shape of five angry young psychos with jump packs and lightning claws, jumping across the battle field to decimate a Dark Angel Devastator Squad and then  wiping out the vast majority of a 20 man tactical squad of the same legion. With their use of cover they were able to make it into combat, which frankly, they excel at. Their losses and kills ratio perhaps would have also been different if I had remembered their Fear special rule.

Night Raptors move to intercept the Dark Angels for the second time.

Lots of lessons learnt from the battle, more transports are needed and larger units to weather incoming fire, also I need some serious anti-tank to deal with all those Spartans kicking around.

Having said that...

A lone Knight Lancer from House Krask in support of the Night Lords
attracts more fire than he can comfortably manage
So to this end I'll be looking at adding some transportation and anti-tank units to my arsenal over the Christmas period.

Happy Hobbying



  1. Cool post, it's always nice to see models on the gaming table.

  2. It was an a great game and those night raptors are lethal!! Really amazed at how much 5 of them were able to wipe out!

    1. True but they're pretty pricey points wise.

  3. Have I missed the battle report post from your weekend game or is one in the works? Also if I have a question for the group/community where is the best place to ask it?

    1. You can email me or message us on Facebook


      It may take a few days to get back to you, but I always do :)

    2. Thanks Kaelo - email sent and hopefully recieved!!

  4. Nice work. Like the skull helms especially.
    Wish I knew you guys were at WHW, I would have popped round! It's my local hobby shop.