Sunday, 13 December 2015

Weekly Progress Report 13/12

Hey guys, another week over and here we are with a new edition of the Weekly Progress Report. Lots to get through so here goes:

Drake Seta has been working on the Knight Errant Nathaniel Garro. He has finished now, here is a pic of the base colours pre highlight and layering. Expect a painting guide midweek.

Kaelo has been busy moving house but has somehow found the time to finish off his Vulkan model. A sneak peek only for now but expect the full look on a post later on.

Darien has been busy at work and as such hasn't made as much progress as he would have liked. However work has recommenced on the finishing touches on the first 19 Justaerin. Look out for an update later in the week.

I (Darko) have been busy preparing for a brand new legion. More will follow on that but I have also been working on my Phoenix Guard for now in the odd time. Now I have work off until the new year be sure to look out for some completed works soon!!

This week King Fluff has been drooling over the new Forge World Thousand Sons sneak peek (more on this soon) but he has also been doing much gluing in the name of the 8th.

Castiel has been painting the bases on his Dark Angels keep an eye out for a post coming soon. Currently on the cutting block are his two latest additions which he has been trimming and assembling.

Tylar is currently battling through plastic in an effort to build 90 tactical marines before his second exit into the warp in less than a month whilst he away over the Xmas and new year. 
Fingers crossed and an achievement update will be forthcoming.

Unfortunately it has been a slow week of progress for Aveinus with work commitments. However, he has continued to work on his latest predator. The Leadbelcher has been finished and Nuln oil is about to be washed on to the tank. The next step is the dry brush of Standard Mechanicus Grey and then Dawnstone.

Atia was busy working on her Bloodthirster - she made great progress with the armour and fur, next to do is the skin and horns, aswell as the whip.

So, a very busy week for us. What have you enjoyed seeing this week? Let us know in the comments below :)

Darko Thane


  1. Some good progress this week, lots of good stuff from all of you.
    Building 90 tactical marines!? Good luck!!!
    What do you guys think of the swirls/knives that come with the BaC set? I stuck some on this week and my thoughts were 'finally, knives that look like they should be there!'

  2. Nice selection of works underway. Seeing all those Predators reminds me I wanted to ask if anyone has a good method to magnetise the main armaments on the turret. As I assemble my 3rd I am thinking I probably should, but the curve in the turret is throwing a spanner in the works.

  3. Have fun with your 90 tactical marines Tylar! I bet it will look ace on the table ^.^

  4. I built 30+ in a week, it nearly killed me. Good luck Tylar!

    Everyone else, great work!