Sunday, 13 December 2015

Battle Bunnies 20 Legions of Xmas: Big Blue Bastards

On the Thirteenth day of Xmas The Emperor gave to me:

Big blue bastards
12 Butchers Nails
Ten Ma-chine addicts
9 Angels weeping
Psy-chos a' skin-in'
Seven breachers breaching
Sa-vage laugh-ing kill-ers!
Dirty ditch diggers
+++Records Expunged+++
And a Legion full of mys-ter-y

Legion: XIII
Name: Ultramarines
Former Names: War-born (informal)
Primarch: Roboute Guilliman
First Captain at outbreak of Heresy: Marius Gage
Forge World Paint scheme:
None confirmed

Alternative Paint scheme: 
Blue armour
Spray black
Spray or base coat with Macragge blue
Airbrush with FW Clear (this creates a sheen for the next stage
Wash the model with Nuln Oil (which should now run straight into gaps because of the Clear
Layer with a 50/50 mix of Macragge Blue Air and Vallejo Game Air Ultramarine 72.722
50/50 Warplock Bronze and Vallejo Old Gold

Typical 2500pt list:

Master of Signal: artificer armour 105
• Damocles Command Rhino 100

9 Tactical Space Marines: + 1 Tactical Sergeant (artificer armour) 160
9 Tactical Space Marines: chainswords; + 1 Tactical Sergeant (artificer armour; power fist) 195
4 Tactical Support Marines: + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant 100

5 Invictarus Suzerains: plasma pistol; thunder hammer 230
Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
• Contemptor Dreadnought: twin-linked lascannon 200

Xiphon Pattern Interceptor: ground-tracking auguries; chaff launcher; armoured cockpit 225
4 Loctarus: plasma pistol; hand flamer; + 1 Loctarus Strike Leader (power fist; melta bombs) 220

Predator Strike Squadron
• Predator: lascannon sponsons; armoured ceramite; Command Tank 170
4 Fulmentarus Terminators: 4× power fist; combi-bolters and cyclone missile launchers; + 1 Fulmentarus Decurion (power axe) 395

Roboute Guilliman 400

2,500 points

List Summary:
I chose these options to give the force a large amount of variety. The rite of war allows for a Master of Signal in the Damocles command tank which is kinda cool (Usually I stay clear of Orbital Bombardments because they are frustrating for opponents). Guilliman will be running across the battlefield with his Invictarii entourage - what a sight that will be! I have included diversity with both a normal tactical squad and a despoiler squad which I think will compliment each other nicely. These will be further supported by a flamer unit. As the most numerical legion, I believe a focus on tactical marines is fluffy.
To add a bit of speed I have included the Locutarus assault squad. Can't wait to see see these guys! I have also thrown in a speedy Xiphon for any air combat or I can give it tank hunter (through Guillimans rules) to take out any stubborn vehicles (I am looking at you Spartan with a flare shield and Armoured Ceramite -_-)
I have also thrown in some of the Fulmentarus Terminators for some heavy support. I have given them the cyclone missile launcher as, to me, this is what makes them a special unit (different to any other terminator squad except the Tyrant siege terminators). A predator and Contemptor round up the list with some heavy weapon support. It's a nice, mobile and hard hitting force which utilises the legion specific units. Plus it would look aces on the field!

I hope you have enjoyed my post 😊



  1. That bauble looks faantastic! The list sounds great, Suzerains are very nice models! Looking forward to see the other ultramarine specific models!

  2. Very nice looking Bauble there! Great choice of transfer too.

  3. Yey, the tree is coming along nicely and this is naturally the nicest of them all. The list seems very rounded which gets that balanced nature of the 13th spot on.

  4. Is it Just me or is the tree split between loyalists on the top half and traitors on the bottom half (disregarding 2 and 11)?

  5. I think I am going to use a few ideas from that paint scheme.

  6. And forge world does have a confirmed colour schemes.

  7. my least favourite legion, but I still love em really.

    Nice fluffy list. i always like a list with a flyer. Thumbs up!