Saturday, 12 December 2015

Battle Bunnies 20 Legions of Xmas: World Eaters

On the Twelfth day of Xmas Santa gave to me: 
Twelve Butcher's Nails
Ten Ma-chine addicts
9 Angels weeping
Psy-chos a' skin-in'
Seven breachers breaching
Sa-vage laugh-ing kill-ers!
Dirty ditch diggers
+++Records Expunged+++
And a Legion full of mys-te-ry!

Legion: XII
Name: World Eaters
Former Names: War Hounds
Primarch: Angron
First Captain at outbreak of Heresy: Ibrahim Greer (Legion Master at time of Angron's discovery as closest to First Captain that I could find)

Forge World Paint scheme: Undercoat with Skull White, wash over with a mix of: 25% Drakenhof Nightshade, 25% Nuln Oil, 25% Lahmian Medium, 25% water. Lightly sponge Ceramite White mixed with Lahmian Medium. Kantor Blue for the shoulder pads and Sycorax Bronze for trim.

Typical 2500pt list: 

Khârn The Bloody 170

9 Assault Space Marines: chainaxes; 2× power weapon; melta bombs; + 1 Assault Sergeant (artificer armour; pair of lightning claws; melta bombs) 355
9 Tactical Space Marines: chainaxes; legion vexilla; + 1 Tactical Sergeant (artificer armour; chainaxe) 170
4 Tactical Support Marines: + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant (artificer armour) 110

4 Red Butcher Terminators: 4× second power axe; + 1 Devoured (pair of lightning claws) 280
9 Rampagers: meteor hammer; 4× excoriator chainaxe; 2× twin Falax blades; 2× barb-hook lash; jump packs; + 1 Rampager Champion (meteor hammer) 430

3 Jetbike Sky Hunters: plasma cannon 150

Caestus Assault Ram 305
Whirlwind Scorpius: dozer blade; extra armour 130

Angron 400

2,500 points

List Summary: I have chosen these options as the World Eaters are renowned for being a very fast assualt based army. The ram and the jetbikes personify this, as well as the trademark jump rampagers.

Darko Thane


  1. That's a beautiful bauble! Loving the post. Never been tempted with a World Eater army until right now...

  2. Haha Bone Garlant next to tree! Love it! :D

  3. Great bauble and list! The tree is looking great too!

  4. That's shaping up to be a lovely tree, and Bone Garland towers over the tree, nice!

  5. World eaters and bone garland? Today is a good day!

  6. Yeah, Bone Garland is our tree's protector!!

  7. Much as I love the tree... You need a bigger tree!