Thursday, 28 January 2016

City Fight Buildings


Hi guys. So here we are with the next follow up to my City Fight Tile post. 

As I stated before seeing the building above at WHW blew me away through sheer scale and its use of the city fight tiles from FW. 

I knew I wanted to emulate it but I wanted to put my own spin on it. Plus I knew I would probably have to be able to store it away unlike WHW. 

This presented some problems so I had to plan to make sure it would come off. 

The key to this was research. I took as many photos as I thought necessary whilst there to get all the angles I needed to help ensure the build was easier. 

It helped a lot. 

I needed to make mine modular though so this is how I achieved that. 

The Tower:
As you can see the tower is effectively 5 building tiles high. This was to achieve the same look at the FW one. 
Notice however that I have a square bottom. This was done on purpose to make it more steady whilst on a table as I couldn't permanently fix it in place. 

As you can see above there is additional plasticard on the bottom. These act as shims to achieve a more solid base. Mainly as anyone who owns a FW resin tile knows no two are the same and they aren't exactly level. 

I also use left over sprue to strengthen wherever possible. 

The Main Building:

Here you can see a direct view of the door that sits on the steps of the FW tile. Little things like that bring the character and reality to a building. 

Above is what I call the 'inside' view as it has the double eagle door that exits onto the street. The reason for this will become apparent. 

The 'outside' view with some nice battle damage. 

This is a shot from underneath to show you how you can use left over sprue to strengthen main floor plates inside buildings. 

The Bridge:

This comprises the covered walkway and upper bridge connecting the two buildings. As you can see the upper floor section is not quite complete and some gaps need to be filled. 

The Main Building and Bridge:

The Tower, Main Building and Bridge connected:

As you can see I had to place the tower on some A4 paper pads to replicate the steps of the tile. 

32mm Inquisitor model to provide some scale.

And again here on one of the small balconies. 

Here you can see why else I had a square bottom. It allowed me to customise the tile to include some steps. This makes the tiles completely unique even without the Tower and Main building placed on the tile seperating it more from the othe Concourse tile I have. 

Here you can see the second set of added steps that align with the double doors in the 'inside' of the Main Building. This continues the unique feel to the tile. 

And here in the photo above you can see another door level with the covered bridge in the tower. 
There will be another building that will occupy the last base plate on the tile and this will be the door for the connecting bridge. 

Thanks for reading guys I hope you like the direction I'm taking. 
As I stated before I intend to have at least three different options for the tower. An Apoc launcher from a reaver a landing pad big enough to accommodate at least a Fire Raptor and then I will look at either a Volcano cannon or a Laser blaster. 

Feel free to comment or ask any questions. 
Until next time :)

- Tylar


  1. Loving the big buildings they look great. It looks like it's going to be such an immersive battlefield once complete.

  2. Looks fantastic, can't wait to see more :)

  3. Yep it looks just EPIIIIC!

    Cant wait to see it complete =)

  4. It's looking great so far and the attention to detail and the structural stuff is fab. Might have to get you to engineer mine :-D

  5. Great work! Going to be a great board to game on when it's complete!

  6. Holy crap that is beautiful. How will you store that monster? Again I swear you guys robbed a bank to afford all of this!
    Lovely job on making a mediocre building kit into something super unique and amazing.
    What type of gun is going on the top? Surface to orbit laser? Or an elegant comms station.

    1. I bought 3 of the imperial sector sets over a 12 month period.
      Then I just bought a couple of buildings a month so I had enough building tiles to start serious sized buildings.
      I have another large building that is currently 4 tiles high and is also modular. I will showcase that one next.
      A comms station is also possible. I intend to fit one of the floor plates from the bastion kit to allow for either the small comms station and quad guns etc.
      Then I will have a separate fitted mount to go too to allow for bigger guns :)

    2. Nice. Good plans all of em.
      You know I was kidding Bout the bank robbery right?

    3. Well every time I look at a Warlord I do consider it lol

  7. How many kits did you need to achieve this?!

    1. I used almost two sets of the Imperial Sector to achieve this. I will count up the tiles to give you a rough idea of the project so far in the next post.

  8. Dude, that is sick! Awesome project you´re working on. Detailed instructions would be muuuuch appreciated ;)
    Do you know yet in which color you want to paint your buildings?

    1. Thanks Felix :)
      Well detailed instructions aren't beyond me by any stretch but unfortunately when I built the tower etc I hadn't planned to share it on a blog.
      It was prior to my 'rise' as a bunny so to speak.
      But feel free to ask any questions and I'll provide guidance hint and tips wherever I can :)

    2. As I said in previous posts I'm undecided on exact colours as I'm still working in the tiles themselves. Once I've Sussed out how I'm painting the base plates for the buildings then I'll have a better understanding of the colours for the buildings.