Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Customising Your Tiles.

For those of you who have been lucky to have visited Warhammer World then you will be aware of the amazing City board built using the tiles available from Forgeworld. 

For a long time I wanted to emulate the board as best as I could and collected tiles as I could. 

I wasn't satisfied though with making an 'exact copy' and have had a good look at the board over several visits. 

The question was how?

First off was the large building at the top of the post with the laser cannon. Who doesn't want a massive building with a defence laser on their board?
There are few things that I wanted to change. The main one was the height of the bridge. 
The problem with it for me was simple. The FW one was built before Knights. I wanted to be able to get a Cerestus Chasis Knight under so I went up a tile. 

Next was how do I get it to sit on the statue platform?
The tile at Warhammer World I believe has been slightly modified. I built the lower floor for the tower first so I could change mine too. 
First problem though, it was going to be too big. 

So I decided to make a mould of the statue plinth corner and make four copies. I also had to cut away some of the resin too. 
Here you can see the new green stuff additions:

I also decided to add some additional detail using steps from another tile. 

So here is what the standard tile looks like:

And with my additions:

Just by adding these small additions it is now different from the original and it allows the building to sit perfectly. 

As some of the more astute amongst you have probably already realised, the building pictures were taken before the last stage of painting I did on my tiles. So my next post will have a closer look at the buildings I have made and this large one in particular. 

I hope you've enjoyed the read if you have any questions feel free to put them in the comments below. 
Until next time. 

- Tylar


  1. Awesome job buddy. I think scenery is the unsung hero of a Warhammer battle. A truly spectacular board really brings the board to life. Can't wait to see the next post. It has really made me want to dig mine out and make some more buildings lol

  2. Boss! I was just admiring the terrain at WW a few days back, this table and that building in particular, I really like your take on it.

  3. How much do you want for those boards? Seriously. Take my cash.

  4. That's a great looking building. What made you go for a square ground floor instead of octaganol like the rest of the tower?

    1. Sorry dave please see the post below regarding my square bottom choice ;)

  5. Wow awesome work. Presumably you won't be gluing the buildings onto the board to make storage easier? What is your painting approach for the buildings? Great work!

    1. No wont be gluing :) I have made it modular. I will put pics up in the follow up post ;)

    2. As for the buildings I plan to paint the tiles first ensuring the base tile colours work. Then I will colour match the building to the tiles.
      I also plan to make additional buildings for the tiles so I am able to switch things around. :D

  6. I hate you. That is far too cool! Could you fit the quake cannon turret? The WHW one looks a bit odd?
    Is it large enough to provide cover for bone garland?

    1. I had originally planned to fit the Apoc Launcher from the Reaver Titan. I need to work on the mount at the top.
      I will also be looking to have a landing pad option as well :)

    2. Ohhhhh that sounds good. Orbital defences seem to be lots of missile batteries in the FW HH books.

  7. I wanted to emulate the one from WHW but I also wanted to put my own spin on it.
    By creating a square base it made it more stable and also easier for me to transport.
    The WHW board is fixed and never moves whereas I have to store mine away.
    I will put up some more Picts in the next post.

    1. I think the Square base adds interest. I think the lower course being a slightly wider octagonal base would have worked too.

    2. It was an option. But I can whole heartedly tell you now the octagonal tower was a nightmare!
      I built some complex stuff from scratch in my time but the filing of the tiles to get that first course just right was hard.
      However once that was in place it got easier. I even glued two tiles ontop of each other and then did it which helped the process but this was towards the end when I had the hang of it.
      The top of my tower will allow for multiple additions. As I said I hope to develop a landing pad option as well as armament ones.