Thursday, 21 January 2016

Sons of Nostramo #9: The Leviathan Rises

Good evening all.

Tonight is a very swift update as I have a larger (precognitive) post coming soon. But for tonight I thought I'd share the latest addition to my Nostramo nasties.

I've always been a big fan of robots (as you may have guessed) and consequently contemptors have held a special place in my heart - until a bigger bot caught my eye.

The Leviathan is a beast, it's a massive model with a formidable armament at its disposal. What makes it even more attractive is that three can be taken in a unit! 

Now the hardest decision with the Leviathan is the load out as all options and configurations have their benefits so I've opted for doubling up and magnetising the weapons. I've gone for two claws and two graviton flux bombards, to do heavy shooting or heavy combat or more of a tactical load out (which as I add more leviathans will benefit from the pre-painted and magnetised arms).

I went for a triumphant standing pose (eventually it's left foot will be on a dead marine) but I did find that even after dry fitting and careful posing the stance did get a bit distorted once glued do it had a bath in boiling water and then a swift bending to make the pose look more natural, this is sometimes par for the course with FW - especially where late night gluing is concerned.

The two things I wanted to do to make the Leviathan more in keeping with the VIIIth was a head swap with the Night Lords contemptor and the addition of the corpses from the Night Lords rhino upgrade kit. As you can see the head is done but the corpses are yet to be added.

I've left the head and top plate loose and the upper torso and leg/lower torso assembly as seperate pieces for ease of painting.

Next to do is the base and building of the arms. For my contemptors I've magnetised the shoulders however for this I think I will leave the shoulder block loose for painting but I will magnetise the 'elbow' joint for weapon swap outs.

I'm loving the build so far and look forward to getting him looking more terrifying for the sons of Nostramo - stay tuned for more progress from my midnight clad collection.

Smoke me a kipper...



  1. He looks awesome so far - the skullhelm works great =)

  2. That is a one menacing beast! Looking forward to seeing the corpses added to it! It's making me want to add one to my SoH!

  3. I'll be back for breakfast! Sorry couldn't resist. Anyways the helm looks great, and with corpses will look right at home with the 8th.

  4. What I learned assembling this model..... it fits beautifully, now if I'd only remembered to put the head in before gluing all the torso together!