Tuesday 5 January 2016

Mechanicum Cybernetica: Mr T

Hey guys, King Fluff is back with something a little less legion orientated this evening. I've been toying with the idea of Mechanicum for a while and after painting up the Castellax for my Night Lords Praevian you could say I caught the bug. The plan is to have an all robot force as a starting point and include just mechanical units with 'handlers'.

I'm working towards 500 points by my birthday on 31st January for a game at Warhammer World, my list to date includes a Magos, two Castellax and a Thanator (we are waving the minimum of two troop choices as the points are so low).

I've gone with the Graian Forge World scheme again for the Thanator, which really does allow the bigger units to look menacing.

Currently he is still work in progress but I'm hoping the white transfers from the Games Workshop transfer sheets will be a great contrast on the black and the coloured versions on the off white panels.

On this particular model I wanted a glow to the plasma coils - this is something that I've painted very rarely in my 27 years of painting, and to that end kind of avoided using plasma weaponry to avoid painting the coils et al. I've admired OSL (Object Source Lighting) for a while but never been brave enough or talented enough to pull it off so I decided to come up with a quick and easy alternative.

First I spot painted the coils and the emitters with Ceramite White.

Then when dry I coated the white parts with Nihilakh Oxide, natural it collects in the recesses and because of it's pigment in solution when painted onto other already painted areas it allows the base colour to show through (in effect creating a kind of OSL).

I'm pretty pleased with the effect, I could further increase the brightness of the effect by selectively dry brushing the coils but I may wait until the rest of the model is done before I decide to or not.

Next stage is to lighten the off white areas by using pallid Wych Flesh and White in the Rakarth Flesh, then it'll be a case of painting in the details and doing the base.

Next for the Mechanicum will be the Magos (a Castellan Datasmyth), another Castellax and another Thanator, so stay tuned.

King Fluff logging off...



  1. Consider that nilihakh oxide technique stolen. It looks dam good. The model looks brilliant too!

  2. Nice technique on the plasma buddy!! The whole model looks great. Loving the small goal of 500pts. I find those much more motivating lol

  3. Loving the look you got going there :) and yeah like Kaelo said, small goals are good to work towards. Might pinch that idea ;)

  4. I had the same thought for my plasmas, used it, liked it, then promptly switched to white basecoat, blue glaze. Same idea different colour. Could be a way to differentiate between units or to show one is almost out of charges. Dunno.
    Like the look of the thanatar though. Totally want to do one like it now.

  5. Again, that is a great technique. I shall be stealing that also!

  6. Very cool technique Fluff! Maybe GW should bring out one specifically for plasma.

  7. I've been using a very old 1990s GW Blue Wash over a Runefang Steel basecoat for my plasma coils, and it stands out stark and shiny, but stays short of being true object source lighting. Anyway, it's quick, dirty and reproducible, so I'm rather pleased with it. Cheers.

  8. Looking good King Fluff! Loving the technique!

  9. Using the Nihilakh Oxide in that way is pretty nifty - and a good way to use up a pot for which I have no other use.