Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Setting New Year Goals - Kaelo Rylanus

Hello everyone 

Welcome to 2016. I thought I would start my posting this year with a bit of a look at my 2015 and look at what I aim to achieve in 2016. This will include goals and personal rewards so that I can control my spending. I know I am not alone, but I tend to buy about 100% more models than I complete lol. 2016 this has to change! I am currently recovering from knee surgery and sitting with my legs under a table for more than 20 minutes is torture. While I am recovering over the next few weeks I am focusing on short bursts of motivation to assemble (I am on pain meds and shaking like a leaf - so painting is a no go too).

This year I completed a large amount of Emperors Children early on before deciding I no longer wishes to do them anymore. As a result of a swap with Darko, I then took over the Raven Guard. Following some real life problems I pretty much fell off the radar for about 3 months while I focused on myself. I soon picked up the scalpel again when Tempest was released and I trimmed and assembled around 80 models in a few weeks, undercoating and base coats came soon after before I hit a wall with the project. Later in the year I started Salamanders for the Bunny Xmas Party...before I hit a wall with the project. Then I started 3 Knights and some Raven Guard...before I realised I should probably focus on one damn project at a time!! I have a background in management which is about 90% to-do list management and objective setting so I should have realised big, open-ended objectives don't work - I am going to complete my Ultramarine Legion then by Knights then blah blah blah...just doesn't work.

So I have taken a little look at my ongoing projects, decided which ones are necessary for the blog and which ones excite me personally. I am doing 6/7 legions for the blog and sometimes this can be rather daunting. I would definitely drop a few...if I didn't already own 4000pts for each (except White Scars but they are a way off and one of my favourite legions). I also want to bring in some of the 12th Expeditionary Fleets auxiliary units and some Xenos too. The focus of my hobby is 90% Great Crusade and 10% Heresy. I don't own any Xenos currently so I have set myself smaller goals to achieve to rack up some cash for my first alien force. Here are my goals:
1. 1500pts of Ultramarines. My favourite legion and already well underway. This 1500pts will include my 30K avatar; Kaelo Rylanus. It will be infantry based with no vehicles (except maybe a Rhino).
2. A further 1000pts of Ultramarines including a slightly reposed Roboute Guilliman and more infantry (I want to block paint my tanks).
3. A Knight of House Vornherr. I own 5 but not sure which to start with. Also, waiting on transfers to be released.
4. 1500 pts of Salamanders. Again this will include my personal Salamanders praetor and be infantry heavy.
5. A further 1000 pts of Salamanders including a slightly reposed Vulkan (who I have nearly finished already) and more infantry.

For each of these 5 targets I will gift myself £30 of hobby budget (which is currently sat at just enough to get the updated red books). I can also sell unwanted bits in this time and save it for when these 5 are completed. When this list is done I will do another list. The only projects outside of this will be group stuff like Solar Auxilia, Mechanicum, Scenery etc and the only thing that can jump the list is Tylos Rubio or one of my other Knight Errants or similar individual characters getting a release - these are priority projects to me in the future. 

Here is my 2500pts Ultramarine List:

Praetor: Mantle of Ultramar; paragon blade; power fist; combi-weapon; digital lasers; iron halo 215

9 Tactical Space Marines: + 1 Tactical Sergeant (artificer armour; melta bombs) 165
9 Tactical Space Marines: chainswords; + 1 Tactical Sergeant (artificer armour; power fist) 195
• Rhino: hunter-killer missile; twin-linked bolter 50
4 Tactical Support Marines: meltaguns; + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant (artificer armour) 185
4 Tactical Support Marines: plasma guns; + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant 175

10 Invictarus Suzerains: plasma pistol 340
9 Veteran Space Marines: 9× power weapon; meltagun; + 1 Veteran Sergeant (volkite serpenta; power weapon; artificer armour); Furious Charge 330
9 Terminators: Cataphractii armour; 7× combi-bolter; 2× combi-weapon; 4× power fist; 2× lightning claw; 2× chainfist; thunder hammer; reaper autocannon; plasma blaster; + 1 Terminator Sergeant (combi-weapon; thunder hammer) 446

Roboute Guilliman 400

2,501 points

And so, here I embark a year of hope and possibility, who fancies joining me for some regular updates and realistic goal setting?

Thanks for reading my article and come back tonight for a Corax unboxing.

Kaelo Rylanus


  1. Definitely got to follow this philosophy. I myself am no stranger to not finishing projects so I will be following up with a similar post soon. Need to arrange my projects somehow!!! Great work Kaelo :)

    1. Thanks Darko. Sit down with me and make a plan this week. :)

  2. Great post Kaelo, I think this is something everyone in the hobby can understand! About half way through last year I put my foot down and knew I had to concentrate on my Iron Hands! I like your idea of rewarding yourself with money, I think as soon as you complete your first ultramarine unit, you'll have no problem with the rest! :)

    1. Haha! I hope so. Really want to get the blue bastards done so that we can do a Guilliman vs Ferrus training mission :)

  3. Sounds like my life.... focused at work, but the hobby is a bunch of partially started projects.

    Good luck with the plan!

  4. Good luck kealo and I hope you keep your resolution.
    Also good luck with the knee surgery.
    I need to do what you did with the list of stuff to do.

  5. Yeah I've resolved to get all my salamanders actually built and painted this year before I buy anything new!!

    1. Set small goods for quick rewards. :)

    2. But they do need a Spartan.....

    3. For Vulkan and 8 Firedrakes yes, but a few rhinos needed as well down the line!!

  6. Fully understand, as although I committed to a fairly large Ultramarine force last year I got side tracked with little projects while waiting for various FW releases, testing various paint schemes (15 practice marines to date) and practicing other techniques. I also intend to assemble all my legion vehicles first in order to do batch paint later.

    First project for 2016 will be a complete test Rhino to test the scheme I think I will be using.

  7. Good luck brother. I hope to fight your Ultramarines soon.

  8. Agh, I found your excellent article on House Makabuis... Great, two more models to build and paint for the weekender.

  9. Great idea with the small goals and reward scheme! I think I will try something similar to keep the projects moving forwards!

    1. Have you considered public pledge challenges? I know Atia partakes these and look how fo used and prolific she is.

    2. Yeah, you post to say within a time period I will do this. Then you report back at the end of the week/month with your progress.

      This could work quite well with your current weekly round up posts. Maybe a bit burden some for the size of your group though.