Sunday, 10 January 2016

Drake Seta and his never ending to do list. . .

That's right. No end in sight. . .

I have the following projects started:

Death Guard: 
Pre-Heresy Nathaniel Garro conversion. 
Calas Typhon
2 Contemptors 
20 Grave Warden

Iron Warriors:
Leviathan pattern Dreadnought
Deredeo pattern Dreadnought
10 Cataphractii 
1 Golg conversion

Bone Garland my Warlord Titan
4 Knight House Raven Knights
10 Tech Thralls
3 Vorax
3 Castellax

I have the following things planned:

Death Guard:
Nathaniel Garro's Command squad
8 Tactical Legionnaires
5 Plasma Cannon Legionnaires
5 Missile Launcher Legionnaires

Iron Warriors:
3 Predators
10 Tactical Legionnaires. 
10 Breachers. 
3 Drop Pods

Night Lords:
I have lots ready to go. 

Vlka Fenryka:
Drop everything and do Legion. 

Knight House Makabius 5 Knights
Knight House Orhlacc 1 Knight
Reaver and Warhound

Do not buy anything else this year!!! Sorry GW, your stocks might go down! Get all backlog done. 
Ofcourse if the Vlka Fenryka do get released the plan is straight out of the window. 

List of priorities:
Nathaniel Garro Death Guard conversion. 
Bone Garland
Knight House Raven
2 Death Guard Contemptors
Grave Warden and Typhon
Iron Warrior Falchion, Rhino and Typhon
Leviathan and Deredeo
8 Death Guard Tactical Legionnaires

Let's get it done. 

Drake Seta


  1. Wow! I looked at my cabinet the other day and despaired, but your list is massive! Best of luck with achieving what you want.

    1. Cheers Snoochy. When ever I get a spare moment I paint nowadays. Not a million miles off finishing Garro which is good!!
      Then back to that Warlord. Hate him sitting there semi nude!

  2. Drake, stay positive! It's not a case of "if" Vlka Fenryka get released - it's a matter of "when"! ;-)

    (Of course, my positivity at the prospect of 2016 being the Vlka's year, may not help your plan to avoid buying more models!!

    1. Cheers Nick. And true indeed. Apparently Russ before Xmas, which gives me many months to get prepared! Want to get as much finished in my cupboard as possible before I start acquiring for the VI Legion.

  3. please get the power claw at some point it will be glorious

    1. Think I will be. It is a great looking piece.

  4. Drake, Bone Garland is looking good, so far... Lovely crisp paint job. Dominus Victoria is at the superstructure completed phase now, I'll email you more pics for TOC shortly, everyone seems to be enjoying the step by step posts looking at my blog traffic. People love Titans!

    1. Hey Siph! Yes indeedy. Looking forward to seeing yours complete. Are you heading to the HH Weekender?

  5. Nice to see all the planning going on. I'm glad to see the XIV back in the queue. Indeed to only thing I want to see more is Bone Garland. Will you be getting alt heads and weapons?

    1. I have the second head already. Will be doing the internals on both in time. Will probably get all weapons in time and possibly a second warlord far in the future. Really looking forward to the Gatling blasters for the shoulders. Think it will look very mean with them.

    2. You need a name for each head then!

      My 40th this year and I'm angling for a second too.

    3. Awesome! Good luck to you!!

  6. Bone Garland is an awesome sight! That is one hell of a list!!

  7. Can't believe how much resin you have! Will you be dropping everything when the legion upgrade sets are released or their specific units?

    1. That is not the half of it! Didn't feel like listing all of the Night Lord models or Betrayal at Calth models I need to get through! Scared is an understatement!!

  8. This makes my 'to do' pile seem less silly. Mine is pretty comparable, although it's a mix of 40k and 30k.

    I've tried to convince myself to buy anything this year but with Russ, sisters, Custodes & new warlord weapons coming.

    Wouldn't surprise me if there's a Lucius warlord this year too.

    1. I was thinking that too. But after the most recent event and chatting to FW staff I really doubt it. I would love to see one adapted from the Mars-Alpha Skelleton.

  9. Good luck with your massive list.
    It will get smaller. I guarantee it😀

    1. Ooh yes it will. I think I'm getting an idea that I will put to the Bunnies. . . Something akin to: what ever you finish this year you can use in an end of 2016 mega battle where you can only field units and models you have completed in 2016 :)

    2. Lol, says the guy with a warlord....