Saturday, 9 January 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Goals Until March

Hi gentle bunny-folk!

Hope that your projects are ever shrinking (my new greeting for hobbyists I think lol).

Following on from my post around goal setting I thought it would be cool to put up my timescales on here for you all. Time permitting, I will do a weekly or fortnightly update - probably on a Saturday night. I will not be focusing too much on a paint guide (I am in no way good enough to teach others to paint lol) but instead will focus more on my selection choices, battlefield roles and stuff like that with images of up to date models. If people want painting guidance I will give my email address and we can discuss, or (if enough people request, I will do a post on a one-off marine in the future).

Anyway, these are the units I intend to finish including the date that I will put a post up by:

Tactical Squad with Bolters: 23/01/16
Tactical Support Squad with Plasma Guns: 23/01/16
Tactical Despoiler Squad: 30/01/16
Tactical Support Squad with Meltaguns: 30/01/16
Veteran Squad: 13/02/16
Kaelo Rylanus: 13/02/16
Terminators Squad: 20/02/16
Invictarus Suzerains: 27/02/16
Roboute Guilliman: 27/02/2016
Contemptor: 27/02/2016
Rhino: 27/02/2016

My latest on Kaelo:

This will earn me £60 worth of hobby budget and give me the skills to tackle vehicles in the future, which I am not very confident with.

I am very excited by the prospect of completing the first 2500pts of Ultramarines. I just hope that no important projects get released before the end. However, I do hope that the House Vornherr transfers are released for the next project.

I hope that you have enjoyed my post. Let's hope I keep on top of it lol.

Kaelo Rylanus


  1. I like the greeting, may your grey be covered in gold and blues.

    The model is Looking good Kaelo, that gold is like liquid sunshine, what is it? It's amazing!

    1. Haha. Ace description! I actually mixed it myself, I wanted something that was regal and not garish. I hope I have achieved that. It is a 50/50 (or to flavour) mix of Vallejo Model Colour Old Gold 878:Warplock Bronze. Then I highlight with a brush, FW air range Valdor Gold.

    2. Yeah, great work on the gold <3

      And FW Valdor Gold is pure awesomeness!

    3. Cheers, what's your plan for the Knights? Do you have an idea of the types you will collect?

    4. I have the following:
      I have done an army list for them but that is for a future post :)

  2. I like your list. I'm gona do this for my projects.
    Also don't be worried with tanks and vehicles. They will look great book matter what if you paint em.

    1. It really is helpful making a to do list.

      I love your confidence, I have never finished a vehicle before lol

    2. I know the feeling: 40k ultramarines vehicles: 8 rhinos, 1 land raider, 1 stormtalon, 1 fire raptor, 2 stormtalons, 1 razorback, 2 knights, 3 dreadnoughts, 2 predators and 1 vindicator.

  3. Love it! That will be a big chunk done! Can't wait to see them all together on the battlefield!

  4. Looking forward to playing against you Kaelo! Bring on the progress! :)