Friday, 26 February 2016

1st Legion update Dark angels Praetor and Cataphractii Terminators

Hi everyone

Here is the latest completed models in my Dark Angels army a Praetor and Cataphractii terminator squad from the Betrayal at Calth Box set. I love this squad they have turned out great and I owe Drake a massive thank you for helping me get them painted. The squad is made up of a mixture of weaponry as I like to have variation in my units and the Calth box set allowed me to do such a thing.

Since having finished this unit book 6 has been released and in its pages is artwork for a Deathwing Terminator which looks epic and I will most definitely be adding some to my army if and when models become available. In the meantime I will be making good use of this unit as in their only run out so far they proved to be a very useful squad and will be top of my list next time out.

I needed a HQ choice in a hurry for the bunnies Christmas get together and the logical choice was the Praetor from the Calth box set and I like the way the model looks though he will just be a generic Praetor in my army as I hope to start work on a couple of characters soon one possibly being my avatar Castiel Druas. That being said I am sure I will use this model again in some capacity as he acquitted himself well last time out.



  1. What do the deathwing look like in the Horus heresy? Colour scheme any different? Also what are the other "wings" that the dark angles have?

    1. Deathwing, Ravenwing, Ironwing, Dreadwing, Stormwing and another yet unnamed.

      Colour scheme was black :)

    2. Fire Wing.

      Mentioned in Book Six.

    3. Yup! Fire Wing as Rictus has stated above. Welcome Rictus.

    4. Haven't read the DA bits from Retribution yet! Pretty cool :)

    5. So then what are the dreadwing,stormwing, and firewing then?

  2. A serious army coming this way.. Good job!

  3. Awesome!! They look fantastic! Love the family photo at the end! :D