Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Darko's new project

Hey guys, thought I would give you all an insight into what I am working on. Recently I showed you what I am doing in regards to my World Eaters, giving them an update and revamp where they were needed. Now I wanted to show you all a little secret project that I have been working on. 

I have been recently sorting out my own Mechanicum army. This is a fun little project to work on as it is a completely different style to painting marines!! This was an army that was gifted to me by a fellow hobbyist and I have been adding to the roster! I haven't been able to take it to the field yet as I was waiting to have this fully completed to be able to showcase it in a glorious (but technical) fashion.

But alas I have been sitting on this for far too long and I have been itching to show it off to you all!! So without further ado here are some pics of one of the units I have been working on:

A Thallax squad to present to you all. One armed with a Photon Thruster, the rest with the standard Lightning Gun choice.

These were very fun to do, I do intend to add more as time goes on. I have a few different units completed and/or being worked on and I will show these in their own seperate posts soon!!!

What do you guys think? What choices and schemes have you gone for? Let us know in the comments below :)

Darko Thane


  1. I do a mechanicum army as well. Just skitarii and battle robots. Wanting to expand into Horus heresy. Is there any rules on using the 40k ones in Horus heresy?
    My army is in the forge world Lucius scheme.

    1. Hi Simon, no rules on for 30k Skitarii as yet. At the weekender I didn't get a really positive vibe about this. They stressed that secutarii where pretty much unchanged between 30k and 40k but these are not Skitarii. They said admech however, like imp army and sm legions where subject to far ranging changes. They didn't say say no 30k Skitarii. But they didn't say yes there will be. Certainly there is nothing obvious on the radar in book 7.

    2. Thanks. Hoping for rules then.

  2. These guys are looking good! The paint scheme you've gone with looks great as well!

  3. Hey Darko, I think you nails the colours here!

    My mechanicum will be in the colours of Mars as befits ad mech forces supporting Legio Tempestus.

  4. Looking great mate! I didn't even realise you were working on mechanicum!

  5. Looks great!
    My 12 Thallaxii are more dark, dirty red with chipped paint and Skitarii-transfers on the left shoulderpad. Well, Ordo Reductor. They have to look worn out and blasted.