Friday, 19 February 2016

Warlord Titan: Bone Garland - Decals and further progress

Ladies, Gentlemen and Bunnies
Today features an Update of my own Engine of Legio Mortis: Bone Garland. Bone Garland has been on the back burner for a while now due to a Pre-Knight Errant Nathaniel Garro (and family problems!)

Anyway. Have a look at how he currently stands.

Up to date

Forge World's impressive Titan Transfers are applied. The Legio Mortis Shoulder split Icons require more cutting than I imagined but I am pleased with the result.

Transfer day

As I wanted black shields to go with the big red pads, this would be a problem as one of the shield decals is mostly black. I decided to enter a cut and merge process to get them looking how I wanted. I will gloss theses eventually so should not still see the decal edges.

I also really wanted to use the emblazoned decals (even though I do personally prefer the solid white ones. 

The transfers are a way from being complete, but you should get a jist of what they will look like.

Pads on to party.

There will be two head options. one Mars-Alpha (black) and one Mars-Beta (white). Hopefully the one I like the most will represent Bone Garland and the other I will use to represent another Engine in the Bloodmire War Maniple.

Looking forward to his first walk, but still a way to go.
How do you define whether a Battle Engine is a male or female? a He or a she? Do you see them as Robots or would you see them as Cars/planes/ships etc?
To me Bone Garland is a he. The more I paint him the more I think of him as a He. Wide Broad shoulders and a lumbering gait, is not what a woman make.
Also if you have a Certificated Forge World Titan, why not join Titan Owners Club
Drake Seta


  1. The model is of course impressive, but what you are doing to it is just sublime. It's fantastic and a pleasure to follow.

  2. Yay! A Nemesis Class Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord Titan!

    What's with the black text? Bloggers been playing up recently, i know my blogs font has gone screwy.

    I think ships are traditionally ladies because you are within them (like a womb). Also Titans could be girls because they remind me of that horsey bird who does all the sport stuff has broad shoulders. Also I think the warlord is a bit like Sandy Toxvik (no neck).

    1. Also in the fluff, new and old, they are definately seen almost as people. They are more than a trusty mount like Knights, but a powerful protector and ally with its own powerful personality.

    2. It's cos I copied it from TOC. Hopefully I will get sorted soon!

    3. I'm till thinking it depends on the titan - it's implied "higher" machine spirits are made from brains/former humans, so I guess that's what gives the either "male" or "female" machine spirit? *shrugs*

    4. I agree, Atia, and could be complicated in truly ancient machines who have had multiple Princeps and Moderati. Each would leave an imprint on the spirit, and particularly dominant minds could even sway gender, I would think.

    5. Yeah, I agree Atia and Matt, the Titan will project a gender based on its personality that's formed by the base imprint and the experience of the Titan and crews over the many years (maybe less years for Titans commissioned in the heresy). Also Matt all princep have dominant minds to bend a Titan to their will. Even scout Titans are said to have fierce and indepentant spirits.

  3. This is incredibly impressive! I only hope mine can look near as good!

    1. Make sure to register it with Titan Owners Club.

    2. I'm working on getting a proper entry put together for all 3 of my Titans. I love the whole idea behind the Titan Owners Club.

  4. He is looking awesome!! Not sure why I think 'he' but it's what I automatically started typing so that must be how I view him!!