Wednesday, 9 March 2016

1st Legion update. Dark Angels Tactical Support with Meltaguns.

Hi everyone

Here is my latest progress more tactical support this time with meltaguns. I like to have plenty of weapon options and this is support squad 2 of 3 that I have planned currently.

I haven't had a chance to field this squad yet but can't wait to use them and feel that they will be a great addition to my army. They will provide me with more anti infantry support and be able to do some damage to vehicles hopefully.

As with the rest of my Dark Angels I have really enjoyed painting these models and love the way they have turned out with the mix of armour and the addition of some Dark Angel upgrade pieces.

So there you have it let me know what think.



  1. They look brilliant bud, as does the rest of your army. Have to have a battle soon :)

  2. Looking good! Can't wait to get a battle in against your army!

  3. Nice work as always Cas! Tanks please! :P

    1. You should see the Captain conversion he is working on! Damn fine!

  4. Awesome! Also - sneeky Horrors ^.^

  5. Wow really cool painting! As a DA player it must be hard having 2 different colour schemes to account for, maybe even 4 I'll dare say! If you want to paint a tank to use in 30k and 40k, what colour do you do it as?