Tuesday 15 March 2016


That's correct. 

MKA painting studio is raffling off a Pro Painted Alpha Legion army for a great cause. 

It has been painted by Mat Kane, Andy Wardle and a team of well trained painters. Mat Kane used to paint for Forge World and painted such beautiful models as Vulkan and Ferrus Manus and is a Golden Daemon winner. Andy Wardle won the Slayer sword at the Horus Heresy Weekender 2016 for his Fellblade. 

There are Dreadnoughts, Rhinos, Terminators and a Super Heavy. All painted to the Beautiful Alpha Legion scheme we know and love. 

Mat Kane had this to say: We are raising money for an amazing charity called soldier on. A charity which supports wounded servicemen/women in the Australian armed forces.
To do this we are raffling off an amazing army which 10 members of the group and I painted on the weekend just gone.

Please help support the charity by donating and you could stand a chance of winning this amazing army 



  1. What a stunning army. I think it is such an effective scheme. I hope I win it!

    Also it is for a very good cause.

  2. That army left me speechless. I would have no hope in trying to expand it, so I am not sure I want to win it. However, it is a good cause. I'll donate.

    1. You would have to get an airbrush. Using a metallic blue scheme (Metall > Zenithal Silver highlightes > Clear blue), than FW transfer sheets and weathering (weathering powders, oil paints).

    2. A steady hand and a good eye. I'm not saying I wouldn't want to be as good as them at painting miniature. I'm just saying that i hardly have a chance at matching their skill, so any additions I make would look out of place.
      Besides, I understand wanting a pre-painted army from a gaming point-of-view as it lets you get into an immersed game without to much work beforehand. However, I have no one to play against, so 30k for me is mostly about collecting and painting the models, making pre-painted armies less appealing. I'd rather someone who would actually use the models win them. ;)

    3. Also, I would have to drop my current Alpha Legion project as my current progress does not rival the paintjob on these. Now that would be a waste of fine models!

  3. Great looking army, great cause! Well worth donating! :D

  4. It's a great army! Although I never want to paint leadbelcher again - I painted a lot of the metal trim on those models...well worth it though.