Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Machines of Graia

Good evening everyone.

My brushes have been taking a slight break from painting midnight clad and instead turned their attentions to the steel and brass of an altogether different force.

As you know I've been slowly accumulating a Legio Cybernetica force to act as both an army in its own right, an ally force for my legions and as a pool of machines to use within the legions.

I've been building and painting in blocks of 250pts every month in order to slowly accumulate at least a 2000pt army by July (hopefully more). This months pledge has been the addition of 2 more Castellax, a Thanator Callix and a Domitar (with a sneaky Abyant on the side).

I've pretty much been batch painting both the machines and the scenic bases, with a primer of grey and a coat of Games Workshop's Leadbelcher spray. Here's my progress so far;

The Domitar:

The Castellax:

The Callix:

The Abyant:

The scenic bases:

The Callix base (featuring a wrecked demios rhino):

And with the dry fit Callix...

The family portrait:

All still work in progress but these will be in the black and bone of Graia before the end of March.

I'm considering adding in a couple of plastic Kastelans (with a twist) to add yet more variety to the force in the next couple of weeks.

Show must go on....



  1. Can't wait to see them finished! You also need to get some Tech Thralls, they looks soooo sexy in white!

    Also, you totally should make some conversions with your Kastelans to represent Graia pattern Castelan robots or something! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Did you butcher an old rhino, or is it a cast?

    2. My 'bits box' is pretty extensive for hobby projects :-)

  3. Where did you get those scenic bases from ?

    1. I make my own range(s) of scenic bases, from jungles to ruin cities :-)

    2. Do you sell them at all ?

    3. I do yes - if you find me on Facebook and drop me a message I can let you know what's available and how to get hold of them.

    4. Dude if I had Facebook I'd hot you up but damn that base!

  4. Very cool looking Taghmata you have got on the conveyor belt. Have you got a army list you are working towards or just buying cool looking stuff?

    1. Just getting cool stuff and trying to max out slots where I can. It'll all be robots with a few priests to keep them in check.

    2. If your going to play Cybernetica, you may consider to get some units of Adsecularis, because automata can`t score. Just a tip.