Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Machines of Graia

Good evening everyone.

My brushes have been taking a slight break from painting midnight clad and instead turned their attentions to the steel and brass of an altogether different force.

As you know I've been slowly accumulating a Legio Cybernetica force to act as both an army in its own right, an ally force for my legions and as a pool of machines to use within the legions.

I've been building and painting in blocks of 250pts every month in order to slowly accumulate at least a 2000pt army by July (hopefully more). This months pledge has been the addition of 2 more Castellax, a Thanator Callix and a Domitar (with a sneaky Abyant on the side).

I've pretty much been batch painting both the machines and the scenic bases, with a primer of grey and a coat of Games Workshop's Leadbelcher spray. Here's my progress so far;

The Domitar:

The Castellax:

The Callix:

The Abyant:

The scenic bases:

The Callix base (featuring a wrecked demios rhino):

And with the dry fit Callix...

The family portrait:

All still work in progress but these will be in the black and bone of Graia before the end of March.

I'm considering adding in a couple of plastic Kastelans (with a twist) to add yet more variety to the force in the next couple of weeks.

Show must go on....