Thursday, 17 March 2016

Sons of Horus First Company Update 8

Hello all!

Todays update isn't what I was hoping to show, I was planning on having my 20 Reavers completed. Unfortunately work has gotten in the way. That said I have made good progress today and another couple hours of work should see these guys done!

I have completed all the basic colours, washing, highlighting on the red, along with eyes and Eyes of Horus. I am now halfway through highlighting on the brass and only have the silver left to do. Then the 'ard coat and medium wash. 

Here is a group shot of all 20 on the painting table. 

I am confident that I will have these guys completed by Sunday's weekly progress report and we be able to show then off properly in an update next week. Once these guys are done I will be looking to complete another 11 Justaerin and I will begin the prep work on my support vehicles. I have a Spartan, Land Raider and 2 Dreadclaws ready for priming. To go with these I also have a Fireraptor and another Dreadclaw awaiting assembly. I am also planning on a purchase from forgeworld (to have a chance in the Titan comp!), this will most likely be made of a Typhon heavy siege tank, maybe a Leviathan, and some other bits to support my feet on the ground. I am considering adding a Vindicator or 2 as well, as I think these will fit in with the relentless and hard hitting nature of the SoH.