Saturday 5 March 2016

Imperial Fists and Underachieving.

Welcome everyone to my Saturday evening post. Tonight I bring you some lessons learn from a bold statement. 

Having been extremely busy with work recently I boldly stated that I would make amends in my lack of hobby time and post up not one but two units tonight. 

Well it's sort of true. I will be posting two units but I failed myself and my fellow Bunnies in completing what I set out to do. 

Now normally this wouldn't hit home as much but it certainly made me realise some things and I've learnt some lessons. 

1. Don't say you can paint a Sicarian and a Tac support squad in a day unless you know you can. Lol

2. If you're going to set goals for yourself make them achievable. A valuable gem of wisdom passed on by Mark Bedford at Horus Heresy weekender when it comes to painting troops. I clearly forgot I'd been in that seminar. 

3. Multiple projects- keep it simple. Another Mark Bedfore gem that I failed to  adhere too. 

Where did I go wrong......?
Firstly thinking I could do it all in one day lol. 

Secondly. Too many steps in my painting scheme for my troops. 
I have about four or five layers on the guys I'm about to show you and they're another two to three hrs in painting away from done. I have 90 yes 90 MK IV marines from BaC to paint. 
That doesn't include the 15 phalanx Warders and characters. 

So as a result of today I'm going to go back and look at how I can improve my steps and simplify the colour scheme but still get the same desired effect. 

Tanks aren't so bad I have that I just didn't have time to do both today. That's on me. 
So here we go. 


Tactical Support Squad Grael:

So there you have it folks. I've had fun today. It's been a long time since I've spent almost an entire day painting. 
I'm just disappointed I didn't finish them for you all. However I'll be back at it tomorrow with a view to having the support squad complete minus transfers for our weekly report. 

Tune in and see if I make it!

Thanks for reading 

- Tylar


  1. Small targets a definitely the way to go lol. Any progress is an achievement though mate so well done to you :) looking forward to seeing some more yellow men.

    1. What my fellow Bunny says :)

      Put the unfinished models away, get your painted stuff on a shelve and work from squad to squad base. Don't get demotivated by this - I think we all had these "I totally can do that thing today/this week/this month" moments and didn't managed it - don't feel bad for it :)

    2. That's a good looking yellow. Looking forward to seeing more of them!

  2. Mate, progress is progress, as Kaelo wisely says.

    The yellow looks cracking too boot!

  3. Thanks guys. It's surprising how awesome Lamenters Yellow glaze changes your mini.
    Hopefully get them to a point where I can re-base them tomorrow. They're going onto new 30mm bases so that they're future proofed to fit with the rest of my army.

    1. Awesome! 32mm bases are the best thing GW ever made, they make Marines/Daemons/Orks sooo much better!

      Also, high five for your Mark V marine :)

  4. That third marine looks super bad ass. Where is his head from? Also just my two cents(pounds?) but I think the yellow looks great as is. Mabey a bit bright but nothing nuln oil can't fix. Unless that's not your idea.

    1. Thanks Simon. The third marine helmet is actually from the black Templar plastic upgrade kit. It may still be available on the web store I'm not sure. And as for bright that the light in the pictures. It's quite dark really lol.
      I'm not a massive fan of the really bright Imp Fists out there. Not to say they're aren't great.
      I may go for a brighter version for my standard troops.
      These guys were based on a support squad that would be fleet based. The kind that would go in behind the breachers. It's why they have heavier armour variants and studs everywhere.

    2. Ah OK.
      Thanks for the info on the head. I think my local GW still has the set of stock surprisingly.

  5. From the title, I thought this was going to be about the Imperial Fists being under-achievers!