Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sons of Horus First Company Update 7

Hello all!

This week I thought I would share with you my First Company as it stands currently. I have now fully completed around 1750 points worth of this army!

Abaddon and Cordactus 

I am now working hard on getting 20 Reavers completed. I have added the red to all of them and I am half way through completing the silvers. All being well I should be able to have these completed by the end of this week. 

With the reds done:

With the silvers done:

All 20:

Isaac Cordactus 
In update number 5 I showed off my chaplain, Isaac Cordactus, for the first time and ask for some ideas regarding rules for him. Thank you to all of you that made suggestions! There were many great ideas and I now have a more finalised version of what they may look like. I thought it would be great to get your feedback on what you think of the rules. 

First Chaplain of the Sons of Horus 1st Company

WS 6   BS 4   S 4   T 4   W 3   A 4   I 5   LD 10   Sv 2+

Crozius arcanum (Power maul)
Power fist
Bolt pistol
Artificer armour
Iron halo
Frag and krak grenades 

Special rules:
Legions Astartes (Sons of Horus)
Independent character
Assassins eye

Potential rule version 1:
Kill for the living, kill for the dead:
Cordactus leads his brother Reavers into battle with a level of zeal and viciousness far above all others. His presence on the field of battle inspires his brothers to fight harder. He leads charges of deadly affect and as he meets his foes his mighty crozius swings in an vicious arc into any unfortunate enemies standing in his way.

Cordactus can only join Reavers Attack squads. He grants his unit the Hammer of wrath special rule and he himself gets D3 Hammer of wrath hits using the profile of his Crozius Arcanum (power maul). He and his unit also gain the furious charge special rule.

Potential rule version 2:
Cordactus can only join Reavers Attack squads. He grants his unit the Hammer of wrath special rule and he himself gets D3 Hammer of wrath hits using the profile of his Crozius Arcanum (Power maul).  Due to his inspiring presence, all Reaver squads within 12" of Cordactus benefit from his Zealot rule. Additionally his unit can make use of the Zealot rule in every turn of combat rather than just the first. 

Finding the right balance between being a fluffy character and not just overpowered is difficult! What do you think? 



  1. Either works well. You could always make another SoH character to give the rule you don't use to.

    1. This is true, I will be doing Ekkadon and Kibre in the near future do might go well with one of them!

    2. Your army looks awesome so far buddy! Also can't wait for the captains :)

    3. Thank you! :) I'm looking forward to doing the captains as well! Not really sure what weapons to give them though! Not been able to locate anything that describes their war gear!

    4. Are they part of the mournival? Cause if so I thought one had a power sword? The one that cuts off the others head?

    5. They are not, they are the First company captains. Ekkadon is captain of the Reavers and Kibre is captain of the Justaerin. Kibre is also the captain Abaddon leaves in charge of the first company when he is busy elsewhere. They are mentioned in the black library books but not to the extent that there wargear is mentioned!

    6. I don't want to spoil, but actually .... one is part of the Mournival later :P

    7. True but not convinced it's a good choice yet though!

  2. Bloody hell Darien! That's awesome progress!

    1. Thanks Drake! Really pleased with how the army is coming together! Once these 20 Reavers are done I can get started on vehicles!

  3. Those SoH look great. The rules both work, but I guess the points are the most important part of balance. Your gonna have to play some games!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I think play testing will be the way to go!