Sunday, 6 March 2016

Weekly Progress Report 06/03

Hey guys hope you are all well. For tonight we have our regular weekly progress to show you. A nice bag to show you, and so lets get on with it!!

This week King Fluff has been making a concerted effort to finish his leviathan, with an elaborate scenic base (can you guess the legion of 'Frank') see more completed shots in tomorrow's post.

Darien has been working on 20 Reavers for this Sons of Horus First Company. Progress is going well and hopefully they will be completed by the end of the week! See his update earlier today for more information.

Aveinus hasn't managed to find much hobby time this week but has carried on testing out and practicing applying transfers. This is a test on a 40k vindicator before he starts on his legion units.

Atia was busy this week finishing her Primarch Lorgar. She also started to work on Kor Phaeron, and got a bit distracted from the Heresy after getting her hands on Deathwatch: Overkill.

Tylar has almost but not quite finished Tactical Support squad Grael. 
Once he gets some varnish he trusts not to frost and re-bases them transfers and all then he'll be able to say they're done.

Drake has been doing some work on Bone Garland again. He has been doing some heat damage effects on his Volcano cannons and Laser Blasters. Here is a step 2 pic. The post will go up this week. Needless to say, he loves the new FW paint range.

I (Darko) have been working more on his Rampagers. With a little help from Drake I have finished the chipping and blood gore on the squad, just the bases and powder weathering to go!!

So there we go, another round of updates complete. Another mixed bag for you all to enjoy!! What have you liked this week? What have you been working on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below :)

Darko Thane