Sunday, 13 March 2016

Weekly Progress Report 13/03

Hello everybody!

It's Sunday and the Bunnies would like to share the weeks progress with you. It has been an a idolatry brilliant week for the blog and I am really excited for some of the coming projects. 

Drake Seta has started adding the finishing touches to the Group's Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section. More pics will follow this week. He will immediately jump on to a Flamer Section when it is finished.

Aveinus has been applying transfers to another Iron Hands character this week which you will get to see in his next blog post. He's also made a start on his plasma gun support squad

King Fluff has been tinkering in the forges of the mechanicum again this week, building, priming and base coating some more machines for his growing Cybernetica force. These will be finished over the next week or so... Stay tuned

Darien has been working on his Reavers all week. He has 20 on the table at the moment and has now finished applying all the base colours. Washing, highlighting, details and basing to go! Fingers crossed he should get them done this week!

Tylar has been struck down with Nurgles rot 😷
However has been able to clip clean and assemble the majority of another 10 Tactical marines. 
He's also begun the process of re-purposing the librarian from DW as a future librarian in MkVI armour.

Lady Atia finished Kor Phaeron, First Captain of the Word Bearers this week - you can see him posted earlier today. She also wanted to continue to work on her Word Bearers and other projects, but sadly her Airbrush needle is damaged. Not all is lost though - she used the time to start with her Orks.

Castiel has been working some despoilers and is nearly finished look out for a post on them in the coming weeks

I have been working on Solar Auxilia tanks in preparation for the coming Purokar League campaign. I have 3 more to do the golds for before I can continue with a legion project. Check yesterday's post for a look at what I have done so far. 

That is all for this week. I hope you have enjoyed the update. Why don't you tell us what you have been working on in the comments below! We would love to hear from you. 

'Til next time!



  1. Nice work all around bunnies.
    Wish I was this productive but alas it cannot be.
    I will ask again though: what are the options available to a legion veteran tactical squad? I can't find a solid list anywhere on the Internet. The best I could find is: 5-10 men, power weapons are an option, no more than two special weapons. Does that sum it up or is there more to them than that.

    1. Hi!

      Do you have Battlescribe? It's pretty cool and allows you to write army lists, and also has all the options for the different squads in it, will correct you if something is wrong, and is usually up to date.

      Hope that helps :)

    2. They're a really adaptable unit with a lot of different builds really. You can take advantage of their high number of attacks and access to power weapons, give them furious charge and shove them in a land raider - give them power axes to ensure major hurt on whatever they touch. Alternatively they're good to outflank with plasma guns and volkite serpentas - very deadly against unsuspecting marines. If you can deep strike them or drop pod them, give them melta guns, a combi melta and tank hunters for near guaranteed tank destruction.

    3. Hi bunnies wish I could get as much done but RL gets in the way. I'm working on vets for my sallies. 2 meltas, 3 power swords and mastercrafted thunderhammer. Thinking of running them in a rhino with scout or outflank

    4. OK. So here's a suggestion and a question: 1 suggestion: do like a tactics corner where every week you talk about one non legion specific unit in the Horus heresy. I am sure lots of readers would find it helpful.
      2 I am playing ultrasmurfs and at the moment have 2 5 man veteran squads: 1 with all Bolters who will have the sniper rule, and one with an assortment of power swords, axes,fists etc. Both will eventually be bulked out to there full size. Do they sound like fluffy but useful units in an ultramarines army? What special weapons should I add in if any and what veteran rule should I give the close combat one? Thanks in advance for the awnser and again I love the progress. It sure is showing and I can't wait to see more.

    5. Hi Simon.

      I think that Ultramarines are quite an easy army to get right with fluff. They pretty much had everything and if you approach it from a logical standing then it will be fine. I am doing a 10 man veteran squad with power swords, Melta gun and a plasma gun. This is obviously geared to short range combat. I will give the unit either outflank or furious charge depending on how I want to use the unit. If I was doing a shooty squad I would take a missile launcher and heavy bolter, sniper or tank hunter. I don't think there is a right or wrong. I tend to think more about the story I want the unit to tell lol.

    6. Thanks kaelo.
      I have downloaded battle scribe and it is my newest addiction.
      It has helped me alot.

    7. Yep, it's soooo awesome if you love to create lists ^_^

      Millicant is currently adding information from Retribution, so bugs may be there at the moment, but he's working on it :)

    8. Have already made a 5000 point list and was struggling to add things at the end. Finally just started throwing points at units.

  2. Hmm. Too bad the Thanatar Calix has rather awkward rules.

    1. I haven't had a go with one just yet. What sort of awkward do you describe?

    2. The Solex Lascannon ist strong, but only Heavy 1. The Graviton-ram is a nice bunkerbusterweapon, but in close range. And the Maulercannon.
      That machine needs every time Paragon or a babysitter to make sure, it does not attacking infantry..... Its there for crushing fortifications and tanks. Its just an odd automata.

    3. Understood. Will be good to see it in action some day.

  3. Good work bunnies. Internet cookies for all!

  4. Those Solar Auxilia look really nice. Do they perform on the table as cool as they look?