Sunday, 27 March 2016

Weekly Progress Report 27/03

Yo Bunnies!

Hope you are all enjoying oval chocolate egg day...

So let's jump in and have a look at what the Bunnies are bringing to you this

Castiel is on holiday and is therefore indisposed currently. He will be back soon with his beautiful Dark Angels.

Drake is moving this week and very busy next. Here are infantry in their delivery device . . . a drawer to be driven at ultra slow speed!

King Fluff has been tinkering in the mech shop and has finished another chunk of his Graian mechanicum force. He's also been slogging away on his warlord and Night Lords. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks.

Darien completed his Reavers this week, see Friday's post for more detail. He has now started working on 11 Justaerin while waiting for his order to arrive from Forgeworld!

Atia was busy building some more Orks this week - including five Killa Kans. She also got her new airbrush needle and started to work on Kurtha Sedd, in order to make her Word Bearers a playable Zone Mortalis force!

Tylar is looking forward to a weeks worth of hobby time. As a result he's taken his Typhon off the shelf and has been cleaning and prepping the final parts ready for build and magnets. More progress to follow this week with an update on a FW tile to follow too.

Aveinus has been making more progress on his plasma gun support squad. Check back on the blog tomorrow for pictures of the (hopefully) completed squad.

I been assembling and trimming more Raven Guard. It really wasn't worthy of showing you trimmed and unassembled models so I don't have a picture. However, this week you should see a bit more of the elite options I am working on so stay tuned for my post on 30/03

Until next week...don't stuff yourselves rotten...or do! Either way is fine ^^