Saturday, 26 March 2016

Poll: Event Only Knight Errants and Forge World Upgrade sets for all armour variants?

Hello all. 

A little while ago we put up a poll and asked the question: Should Forge World do a lesser known Knight Errant with rules, every year as an event only miniature?

The reason why I asked this question was mainly because, most of the Knight Errants (especially the first 20) will never get a model. It is my opinion that when a new year rolls round and Forge World have to develop a year of event only models, it may be a profitable excercise to release an event only Knight Errant, with rules in the event's programme (as they did last year with the Iron Warrior and Alpha Legion special characters. 

Here are the results of the Poll:

Totally split on the vote here. It may be down to some voters who may not have access to an event thinking it is unfair. I personally think it is a good idea, but with the added possibility that in few years they release all Knight Errants in a nice expensive set with all characters that were only available as event only in the previous years. 

Next Poll:

And so today we also put up a new poll: Should Forge World do Power Armour Variant specific upgrade packs for each Legion? For instance should FW do MKII, MKIII and MKIV upgrades for each Legion?

You can vote and comment below too. 

Drake Seta