Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Interviewing a Horus Heresy Author

Hello Bunnies

Tonight is a bit different as I have some fantastic news; One of Black Libraries authors has agreed to do an interview with me for the blog - I am not telling who! I know the above picture has Jack to do with 30K but it felt fitting lol. I am very excited.

I would like this to become a regular feature, but I would also like it to be a bit different to what you would normally see. I think it would be nice to discuss more about their experiences within the hobby, projects they are working on and stuff like that. Not just 'Tell me about your book' 'What secrets can you tell me?' and that type of shenanigans. These giants of the industry are also fans and gamers a lot of the time and I think sometimes it's nice to chat about that. We will of course ask gently about their current projects but nothing intrusive or likely to get a 'No comment' response.

So here is my question to you all; what would you like to know about your favourite authors? Is there anything you have ever wondered about?

I will compile what I believe are the best questions and these will be asked. You can then read it all here!

I need to go and lay down because this is literally a dream come true lol.

Stay fluffy



  1. Hobby aspects and not book! I like it!

  2. I've always wanted to know what Eisenhorns gun cutter actually looks like, every time I imagine it it changes... Or what drew the authors into the hobby, and how they managed to start writing for games workshop.

  3. Very excited. I can't wait.

    Regarding questions: what was the first Black Library book you ever read? And what is your favourite Black Library book and why?

    What is the coolest bit of Hobby related Memorobilia you have got?

  4. The thing I would like most would be a series showcasing the personal armies of black library and forge world employees. Being over here in America, ill never see any of them in person

  5. Firstly, this is amazing news!! Well played Bunnies!!

    And then what was first GW model they ever purchased?

    And if they could be any 30k or 40k book character who would they be and why?

  6. Replies
    1. Lol.

      No it won't. Will the plot advance? Well you will see .... ;)

    2. Everything points towards a story advancement but no-one outside of GW really knows for sure.

  7. Congrats on landing the interview!

    1) Do you use any tricks / tools to keep track of the continuity and characters?
    2) What's a difficulty you find in writing these books that might be unexpected or not obvious to most people?
    3) Do you outline before writing or dive right in?
    4) Do you always start at the beginning?
    5) Which legion, in your opinion, is the most difficult to write about? Which Primarch?
    6) Do you communicate with other HH authors during the process, or do you wall yourself off from the world?
    7) Would you prefer to write the first book in a series or the last?

    Just a couple off the top of my head. Looking forward to the post.

    1. Welcome William.

      Damn they are good questions.

  8. How much research do they bother to do before and while writing a story?

    Some of the authors don't seem quite as familiar with the others with the material.

  9. Let's see... Well if it's Aaron dembski-Bowden I demand master of mankind and want to know everything! Lol jk

    1. If you could create your own legion what would be its influence from a world culture, and what would it specialize in?