Thursday, 21 April 2016

Limited Edition Imperial Space Marine: Iron Warriors

Hi all. 

Last weekend I managed to obtain a few of the ltd ed Imperial Space Marine. I am a fan of most subtle design deviations to power armour as they all tell a different story, so when this early production MKVI was released, I had to get it. I always remembered the old Imperial Space Marine from all of the Rogue trader stuff I had, so it was rich in nostalgia value too!

So I have painted two now (you will see the Death Guard one next week). And managed to knock two up to completion in 6 hours. 

The gun is a great update to the original one. I am also a fan of the helmet as the optics are a nice deviation from the final mkVI. 

The Back pack design is also a cool touch which follows the old design very well. Anyone who has assembled this guy can testify to the detail (which is appreciated GW), and how all of the components have been arranged on the sprue so well that the mould shadows are pretty much non existent. 

The smallest Irob Warrior transfer sits nice and snug. 

Here he is in a Legion squad. 

Painting guide. 
Undercoat black. 

I painted him this time (didn't airbrush). I used a 50:50 Iron breaker and Leadbelcher for base coat. 

Followed by a zenithal drybrush of Runefang steel. 

I then purity sealed it. 

I then used AK interactive streaking paints and white spirits to create dirt streaks (note: if you have an iPhone there is an AK Interactive app now which is really good!)

Then I painted the details. 

Then I washed with 50:50 agrax Earthshade and Nuln oil. 

I then used FW Clear to smooth the circle where the transfer would be applied to. Waited to dry then using micro Sol and micro set I added the transfer and went to town smoothing it out. 

Chipping was done with 50:50 Leadbelcher and Iron breaker, with a sponge or thin brush. 

Purity Seal again to remove glossiness behind transfer. 

Then the eyes sockets (previously washed with Nuln oil and Agrax) were painted with Blood for the blood God to give a realistic gloss and shadowed look (from the wash over steel). 

Anyway. Great fun as always. 

What do you think of the rules? How easy would it be to port into 30k?

Drake Seta