Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Pre-Heresy Iron Hands: Plasma Gun Support Squad

Hello everyone,

I'm back to show you my completed Plasma Gun Support Squad!

So after messing around with the shoulder pad transfers and making some finishing touches, I've finally finished them. I often find that when I look at the photos I take on a larger scale I notice some mistakes which I could clean up a bit. For example the free hand cog motif on the central marine, took a while to make the white edges defined and relatively sharp. Now I've tweaked it i'm pretty happy with it.

So I just thought I would show you some individual close ups, these took ages to get the camera focus right on!

I'll also just show you a better view of one of the transfers, apologies for the picture but the normal lighting I use doesn't show the transfers very well.

I've also been applying these transfers to my HQ units recently too as you can see from Aveinus below :)

Unfortunately due to work commitments its a short post from me but I hope you like the finished results! Look out for a new project being started on my next one!

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane